Aug 30, 2010

Lawyer Criticizes lone survivor of home invasionDr. William Petit -

Thomas Ulman's at it again with his usual pathetic attempts to muck up the waters with comments that are obviously designed to be nothing but inflammatory and anything but professional.
'If the victims were black or latino we wouldnt even be having a hearing today" -- "They ( presumably the murdering child rapists, one of whom happens to be his client) would already be serving life sentences without parole"instead of the state seeking the death penalty against them.The inference here is so dishonest and ugly not to mention transparent in design,that I am more than a bit reluctant to even dignify any of this nonsense with a response, but as this is the
not the first time Mr Ulmann has tried to use hate, victim bashing and racial divide as defense methodology--I am thus compelled no oliged to respond in kind.

At the core of this "case" that Thomas Ulmann is so rabidly engaing himself in is the murder of three human beings,two of whom were veritable children when they were assaulted
then murdered in one of the cruelest ways imaginable.
The names of these victims were :
Jennifer hawke-Petit Hayley Petit and Michaela Rose Petit.
Bill Petit is also a victim of these crimes- he was viciously assaulted WITH a bat from his own
garage and very nearly killed himself within the commission of these crimes.
Thomas Ulmanns client Steven Hayes has as much as admitted full culpanility via his own attorneys offers to plea guilty to the rapes and murders in exchange for a life sentence which would spare his client the prospect of a posssible death sentence.

Not that any of us needed this bit of information to determine Mr Hayes's guilt; He was caught at the murder scene fleeing the Petits then burning home riding in in one of the Petit family cars with Hayely Petits school hat perched atop his head for good measure. He reeked of gasoline "reportedely" Hayes also reportedly confessed to detectives at the Cheshire Police his participation in the crimes including the rape and murder of Jennifer Petit -a confession that Mr Ulmann recently unsuccessfully fought
to make inadmissable at the impending trial for Mr Hayes.
While this kind of thing although unseemly to those of us with morals and conscience still falls within the bounds of what one might
expect from an attorney whose got very few options as it were.
however inventing issues of racial discrimination where none exist simply to fan the flames of some other convienent fire-this is beyond bad behavior beyond

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