Aug 15, 2010

Aruba suspect a poker 'punk' to Glouco man who played poker with him

Yet more evidence of this guys generally repulsive personality.
While many sociopaths often have a charming and articulate side, something they commonly will use to manipulate and ensnare victims, I never saw a hint of this with Van Der Sloot, beginning way back when he was the prime "suspect" in Natalee Holloway's disappearance (and suspected sexual assault and murder.)

To me, this kid seemed a typical misogynistic punk, who if anything, relied on his obnoxious' I dont give a sh-t' attitude to attract susceptible girls either drawn to the disaffected bad boy type-- usually due to self esteem problems that stem from father or stepfather issues.

Or the young girl that surmises that 'although this guys is kind of a jerk to most people, he really cares about me and thus I can change him, help him, heal him etc.
You see this sick phenomonon a lot within the endless procession of women who write to pursue and even marry serial rapists and killers after they are imprisoned for horrific brutal crimes against women. Despite glaring evidence that the man is very dangerous and would likely +just as soon kill her if he had one tangible thing to gain as a result, these gals either suffer a severe case of the broken wing syndrome or worse yet the attraction is actually based upon the notion that this man is dangerous, hence the "bad boy phenomonon" rearing its head once again and as before the women in question often believes that the accused killer would never hurt them but a smaller faction appear to be masochists of a particular sort and they are actually tittalated that this man has killed and are somehow excited by the knowledge.

Case in point and maddening to me as both a woman and a victims advocate, Van der sloot has been heard bragging about the- -hundreds ---of letters he recieves daily from women wanting to marry him have sex with him and/or have his child.
Womens attraction to killers is hardly a new phenomonon; Charles Manson, Tex watson, Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez and dozens of other serial killers were franticlly pursued by women who otherwise had led normal and law abiding lives.

There is a well known case in the mid-west where a female public defender assigned to defend a notorious serial killer of young college age women, lost her job as a successful up and comer attorney for the state, because she was discovered to be emotionally and sexually involved with the man she was supposed to be representing.
And it didnt end there. Married to another successful attorney at the time, after losing her job as a public defender, undaunted she set up shop as a local legal consultant and proceeded to leave her husband as well as her children in order to pursue a marriage with an imprisoned man who had been tried and convicted of brutally raping and murdering five young women.
While this is an extreme case it is a perfect illustration of the curious psychodynamics involved with women's attraction to the sociopathic male. But we cannot overlook all of the assistance that family and freinds give to the developing young sociopath:

While his folks would had him masquerading as a clean cut upper middle class high school honor student, drinking and gambling WERE already a favorite past time of Jorm Van Der Sloot by the age of 17, activities that he reportedly shared with his overly indulgent father who seemed to want to be more of a pal than a father prior to the Holloway murder. A Dutch National and an area Judge in Aruba at the time of Natalee Holloway's dissapearence Van Der Sloot died a few years after the frenzy surrounding his and his sons "detainment" by Aruban officials for suspicion in her disappearance.- Jorans dad was suspected of complicity in covering up his sons crime,.after the fact.

Dead from a premature heart attack at age 50 that occurred during a tennis match of all things he was a very active/fit man who happened to be living with the knowledge that his only son has killed a young girl with the whole world watching.

Worse yet was Jorans habit of landing in the headlines for opening his big mouth to various people about Natalee's murder, once even being caught on tape confessing to the crimes to an undercover investigator hired to befriend him and dig for information about Natalee's disappearance.

The world listened to Joran describe in despicable fashion how "the bitch" "started "shaking " while he was sexually assailing her while she was apparently in an unconscious state. the shaking if true was likely convulsing or seizing either from a head injury which is my guess and/or the drug that Joran slipped into one ofNatalees drinks.

A date rape type of drug was found in a drink given to Florez prior to her murder so this would seem a signature move of this thug.

In any event throughout the secretly taped conversation which took place in a car Jo ran appeared not a bit sorry nor guilty but rather disdainful of Natalee Holloway for causing him all this trouble"

My guess is that after his father was gone, Joran Van der Sloot began a spiral into full blown decadence and anti-social personality disorder. He was blooming into this when he killed Natalee Holloway, with the either conscious or unwitting assistance of his father.

The Word is that Joran worshipped" his indulgent father-and why wouldn't he they drink together gamble together and his dad covers up murders for him) but from what I've garnered, there seemed a certain distance between his mother and he, which probably increased ten-fold after the Natalee Holloway crimes.

Although oddly mom still states that she believes Joran was innocent of that first murder, though she admits he probably killed Flores. In fact she has stated to the media that it was being falsely accused of this crime that pushed her son over the edge. Denial can be even worse in upper middle class families where ones own parenting comes into question via their child's criminal or immoral actions.

Reportedly, according to his sometime girlfriend and others, he had been compulsively lying about anything and everything and remember he was in the midst of trying to extort money from Beth Twitty Natalee's mom, in exchange for giving her information re where Natalee's body was. This is likely what led his mother and family to arrange for him to be "committed" to a psychiatric facility" just prior to his taking off to Peru.

An interesting observation I have made is that both victims of Van der Sloot- Natalee and Flores had bold facial features, not unlike his mother.

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