Aug 18, 2010

Hayes Wants Cheshire Murder Statements Kept From Jury | NBC Connecticut

The argument over whether to allow the jury to hear Steven Hayes' confession to police following his arrest at the Petit family murder scene will be heard tommorow at a hearing in New Haven Superior court.

Its amazing how voraciously this guys state financed attorny's are fighting for him. Thomas Ulmann in particular has behaved so badly, both as a human being and an attorney from the moment he volunteered to represent this man. He has crossed the line multiple times seemingly taking hayes's defense utterly personally and waging all out attacks on the surviving victim, Dr William Petit in the process. He does so under the guise of anti-death penalty propaganda, posturing as if his defendent is the oppressed and abused here. Thank goodness the presiding judge-Judge Blue seems a very level headed sort who is not likely to be swayed by Ulmanns cheap and purosely-time consumptive theatrics.

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