Jun 5, 2010

Pay attention to Holloway, Flores murders

Below is an excerpt from this must read Op-ed piece about the latest Von der sooot murder and violence against women in general. I am disgusted that Aruba officials handled Natalee Holloways dissapearence so poorly and now another young woman has paid for it with her life-and another family must be tormeened with thoughts of thier daughhters last moments.

"Too often, violence against women is, if not condoned, accepted. I still recall -- with shame -- the days when as an editor I would consign the murder of a woman to a few short paragraphs deep inside the paper because it was “just a domestic.” Never mind that if you tally up all the women who have been victim of domestic abuse, you would have a near epidemic. Sadly, it is too late for Holloway and Flores, but that shows why it is never wrong to make a big deal out of every instance in which a woman is brutalized."

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