Jun 3, 2010

Jury in place for triple-slaying trial of Hayes Trial scheduledto begin Sept 15th

The beginning of the "judicial process" for the first of these two reprobates.
Two years and 10 months later A jury of 12 jurors and 6 alternates is finally picked for merely the first of the two defendants, both caught fleeing in the Victims family car the massacre sight where mother and two daughters had been kidnapped sexually assaulted tortured and their lives extinguished in the cruelest of fashions: tied to their beds alive and set afire after being doused with gasoline.

The terror that they must have felt is something that I think about every day. And Every time that I shop at my neighborhood stop and stop, I can not help but think of Jennifer and Michaela Petit, shopping themsleves on a disappearing summer evening, not unlike the warm summer evenings of late. And again, in a Connecticut suburb, not dissimilar from the one that I call home.

The difference is that I now no longer mindlessly wander these aisles with my old innate sense of security, ease nor even comfort anymore--lest I let my guard down and miss that one potential predator looking for a Good Victims looking person the would be predator, someone like Joshua Komisarjevsky the 28 year old man, a longtime cheshire resident, himself , who did not resemble the Bogeyman, but rather presented what I am sure was an unassuming but friendly enough countenence to most people passing him by in the store or parking lot. It was in the parking lot that he admittedly fixed upon Mrs Petit and more importantly as a veritable pedophile, (albeit unofficial by Connecticut criminal records standards) The attractive womens blonde eleven year old daughter Michaela a girl who had just experienced a summer growth spurt bringing her up to her moms shoulders.

I hazard a guess that many people in Connecticutt shop differently since these crimes happened.

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