Jun 18, 2010

The GE 5K Road Race

Lets all pitch in and make this the most succeassful GE 5K Raceday of all - July 2010 This will be the third such annual event since the home invasion that stole the lives of these three beautiful -people; Jennifer and her two daughters Hayley and 11 year old Michaela Petit.

All monies raised in the event day will go to the PETIT FAMILY FOUNDATION http://www.petitfamilyfoundation.org/ whose main missions include helping victims of violence.

It promises to be a great day with many activities for everyone; an aerobic walk accompanies the big race for those, like me, who either do not fancy themselves runners, or who might possess physical limitations that prohibit them from running a 5k course. There is a seperate race course for kids and lots and lots of food, refreshments activities, music and fun.

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