Apr 12, 2010

DON PESCI: Hayes’ guilty plea first on, then off -

Good commentery by Don Pesci regarding the recent reversal of co-"defendent" Steven Hayes' surprising- and subsequently- fleeting Guilty plea to the sexual assault and murder charges for Jennifer Hawke Petit and her daughters 17 year old Hayley and 11 year old Michaela.

Appropriately, the piece really speaks more to the absurdity of our Connecticut Judicial system rather than the issue of Mr Hayes's almost predictable recent flip flop of his plea back to his original NOT GUILTY - care of his state appointed attorney's near rabid opposition to criminal accountability especially when it originates from the client/defendent, no matter the hienous brutality of the crimes that he admits to committing. In fact Ive read about twenty articles in the paper and online citing hayes attorneys refferring to his change to a guilty plea last week as a "state assisted suicide" which they would do evry thing in thier powet to stop. And so they did-they obviously wore down hayes until he withdrew his admission of guilt.
When did telling the truth and taking acccountability become "crazy" and bad?
when did the right to a fair defense become THIS?

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