Apr 7, 2010

Cheshire Home Invasion Suspect Hayes Changes Mind Again; Jury Selection To Resume - Courant.com

I suppose we should have seen this coming; Hayes lawyers obviously wore him down until he changed his plea back to not guilty.

I heard today on the news that after Hayes surprise change to a guilty plea in the Petit murders of 07 at last weeks hearing, his staeappomied satomedsslawyers vowed to do " anything and everything in their power to quote "stop Mr "Hayes from committing suicide"-- this, their notion of what pleading guilty to aggravated rape, robbery triple murde, arson and assault , crimes Mr Hayes is clearly guilty of, thereby acccountability for his actions, his crimes and save the surviving victim and thee families family further grief suffering not to mention the state of Connecticut a lot of money in a unappealed guilty plea/ probable eventual death penalty, albeit years and years after so,meomemhawayfromscuslly Yes in this state even when you don't want to appeal a much deserved death sentenc, it seems our system inflicts its very own auto-appeal process onto even its worst violent criminals, costing the family of the victims and any surviving victims unneccesary prolomged heartxhe and angst and the state millions of dollars in the process.

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