Aug 10, 2009 | Attorneys prepare for Petit trial

A pretty accurate summation of the latest developments in the Petit family murder case, as reported in the Dartmouth College newspaper. Hayley Petit, 17 was bound for Dartmouth that fateful summer and indeed would have likely been writing for that same paper has she been allowed to live- instead her life was cruelly and senselessly taken during a home invasion and sexual assault that happened in Cheshire two years ago.

Despite months adding up to years now I still cant get these crimes out of the forefront of my minds eye.
I suppose it has to do ith justice not being served yet- we are being held in a emotional limbo, waiting for the two men (who were caught red handed by Police fleeing the house in the Petits car) to be tried.
The latest estimate is January 2010 for jury selection to begin on only one of the two men's trials.
As the article explains there has been a request from the Petit hawke families to try these two men at the same time, perhaps in separate courtrooms-this in order to not have to sit through listening to two different sets of identical testimony re theyre loved ones last hours on earth.

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