Aug 20, 2009

Reality-TV star charged with U.S. model’s murder armed and in Canada: police

Well it looks like the tentacles of partner violence have reached out to the world of Reality TV.

It really shouldnt surprise us, violence against women has long been rampant within both the Hollywood film industry as well as the music industry and that violence would seem to be mirroring 'regular" society in upward growth surge as of late. Experts blame the poor economy as the probable catalyst for this but I'm not convinced.

What is shocking is the level of brutality involved with this particular crime. This reality star victim was literally beaten to death and dismembered in an attempt to hide her identity-rather idiotic considering this is the age of DNA after all.
What wasnt a surprise was the fact that man suspected of killing her has a history of committing Domestic violence and a history of getting off for said crimes with a veritable slap on the wrist.
How many women have to die before our courts get it right and change their attitude towards the precursor crimes that happen before murders like these?

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