Aug 5, 2009

Pennsylvania shooter had online blog

I am posting a link to the LA fitness club shooter George Sodini's blog for the specific purpose
of raising awareness about the personality type that often commit these kinds of crimes
against women. There is usually a long pattern of a hatred and/or resentment towards
women, and this man was apparently no exception to this general rule of thumb.
The Internet and blogging in particular have changed the way that we see violent crime. Never before has the general public been able to so easily access the inner worlds of those that committ such brutal acts of violence. Hopefully we will learn from these men that kill rather than sensationalize them and thier crimes.
As you'll see, Sodini's blog writings reveal a man with self esteem issues and mostly
closeted persecutory feelings towards women, beginning with his mother who according to his writings is a classic domineering/ critical type.

While I realize that we cannot all be armchair psychologists to every man that we come into contact with, a good basic knowledge of the personality traits and behavioral warning signs of predators and other men that commit violence will only help us in identifying someone who could be potentially dangerous to ourself or others.

This particular killer was very intelligent, had a ten year career at a successful law firm and was a fit and youngish looking 48 year old. As this story unfold and acquaintances come forward, I expect to hear that this man had exhibited some very clear cut disturbing behaviors towards/with women over the course of his lifetime and this is why, as his own blog entries claim he was "rejected by millions of single woman in his life."

In one blog entry, he mentions a woman at the gym looking at him a certain way, implying that she was attracted to him, he quickly went on to discount it saying..." but so what, even if I did
go out with her, it would be one or two dates and that would be it, just like it always is".
This is very telling information as Soldini was a fairly attractive man with a good career and should have had no problems dating women-but claims to never made it past the first few dates.
There were obviously warning signs and behavioral signposts that scared his dates off. And once we read his journal we can easily surmise that his all consuming resentment towards women was palpable

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