Jul 27, 2008

Petit Family crimes: One Year Later | Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network

Petit Family Murders: One Year Later Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network

The link above brings you both a written transcript as well as an audio taping of a story that Public Radio recently aired about the demolition and subsequent renovation of
the Petit family property, into a memorial garden on Sorghum hill Rd in Cheshire.

The house, where the crimes occurred, had stood partially burned and empty for many months. I often thought of Dr Petit and the quandary that faced him in any decision to tear it down; On one hand, what was left of his home was
a sad visual reminder of the violence that took place there, resulting in the loss of his wife and daughters and a vicious assault upon his own body and psyche.
On the other hand, this was his family home for many years, a happy home by all accounts and as such, many good memories must also reside there.

As a spiritual person, I would say that the former Petit family homestead must carry a great deal of spiritual energy from the three special people who lived there and passed and ultimately I firmly believe that this would prevail over any negative energies from the crimes.

From all that I have heard from friends and family alike, Mrs hawke-Petit was an intelligent strong woman of character, who was also inordinately kind and compassionate.

Their eldest daughter Hayley would seem to have inherited the same combination of strength of character and a sensitive and giving nature. In fact the more that I read about Hayley, the more I learn just how uncannily mature this 17 year old girl really was-
Poetry is a very personal form of creative writing, it will often give the reader a peek into the inner most depths of the writers heart and soul. The following link takes us to a poem that Hayley wrote shortly before her death. She apparently wrote the poem for and about, a beloved coach who had mentored her . http://www.courant.com/services/newspaper/printedition/sports/hc-hayleypoem0715.artjul23,0,5047503.story
This young woman so clearly a remarkably sensitive and intelligent soul and this kind of presence, by its nature is eternal.
Little Michaela too at only eleven was also in possession of a myriad of traits that seperated her from most Her conscientous sensitivity was made quite clear on her internet facebook page where she quoted the likes of Mahatma Gandhi proclaiming; "You must Be the Change that you wish to see in this world" This kind of enlightenment is altogether uncommon for an 11 year old child.
Her quote, and the sentiment within, have become legendary as the Petit family foundation's
"Be The Change" logo and mission statement. Indeed, those three potent words have served as powerful impetus and fueled thousands to take more pro-active roles insofar as charitable endevours as a regular part of thier daily lives.

It is really no wonder that every visitor to the small park that now sits on the sorghum rd property, has found it to be a strikingly peaceful place, without a trace of anything sad or frightening, as some had feared.
It is a testament to the goodness of these three ladies, who even in death, continue to make this world a much better place.

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