Dec 20, 2007

A Town Pays Tribute

I am truly moved by the spirit of the people of Cheshire Connecticut. In January, their towns-people, along with many others from all over the area will gather to honor The Petit family at the "Cheshire's lights of hope". A particularly fitting event at a time of year that is all about re-birth and renewel.

I have come to respect the Petit's more and more with every passing day. Their spirit of giving and altruism is clearly inspiring, as their legacy of good works is carried forward by so many well intentioned people, from within and outside of the state as well as all over the country. Money from the memorial will be donated to several charities, including The MS foundation, a pet project of Haley and Michaela Petit, whose earthly lives were taken this summer in a home invasion that rocked our state to its very core.

Through events like the "Cheshire lights of hope" and other such memorials held in the family's honor, The people of Cheshire have set about the difficult task of healing, both themselves as well as the sole survivor of this tragedy, Dr William Petit, a beloved member of the community, and I daresay now, the country as well.

The link above provides more details of the coming event.

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