Dec 19, 2007

Recent rumblings Re Connecticut's Judicial crisis

Check out this article (title header link) and moreover the comments section on this piece in Connecticut local Politics' website, It contains some important information about some of the long standing heavy hitters on The Connecticut Judiciary committee and their stance on crime and related issues.

I find this comments section to be a consistent source of important Statewide political happenings, as well as intelligent discourse about them.... once you get past all of the bi-partisan bickering. I wish that we could put down our partisan swords here and fulfill the imperitive project on hand; fixing our states criminal judicial crisis; I personally am not concerned whether a Representative is Democrat or Republican, I do look at each members proffesional integrity and I resent an important member of The Judiciary committee using a (rather politically timely- released report about Connecticut's overall low crime rate, to bolster his propaganda that our Judicial system "works pretty well " and that "dramatic change is really not needed."

I'm assuming that Dr William Petit was also not happy with some of the spin tactics and dragging of feet of certain legislators. He has written an email to every member of the Judicial Committee regarding this very same issue, and the response was apparently swift, albeit somewhat generic. You can read a copy of his email as well as the official response from the mcdonald/lawlor camp below.

Bravo Dr Petit! We honor your dedication to this cause and I Am certain that the people of Connecticut appreciate your diligence regarding this important issue, in this, your time of healing.

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