Dec 5, 2007

Connecticut General Assembly - Judiciary Committee Testimony for 11/27/2007 

Connecticut General Assembly - Judiciary Committee Testimony for 11/27/2007

A great find! The full transcripts of the testimony of day one of the judicial hearings in hartford- and they are seperated by speaker!

This allows you to simply click on whatever organization or individual that you are most interested in hearing and read away. I do suggest that you read as many speakers transcripts as possible in order to get the most accurate picture of where everyone stands.
And remember; Letters and emails can be sent accordingly, to those folks who appear to be a weak link in the pursuit of genuine judicial reform.

As you will see, there are some very diverse opinions (along with underlying agendas) regarding what approach should or should not be taken in Connecticuts pursuit of Judical reform.
I particularly liked the families of homicide victims speaker made a lot of good sense, as I expected.

I am presently working on a "Victims Manifesto" that I would like to submit to this commitee that is entrusted with overseeing the states judicial Reformation.
I will be posting it here as well...

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