Oct 24, 2007

The Middletown Press - Warrants outline details in family slaying

Clicking on the title header will bring you to a link that has copies of the warrants in the petit crimes-A good deal of them are blacked out, and anything pertaining to confessions has been omitted as the courts dont want a later claim of tainted jury pool, thus a later mistrial once these reprobates are found guilty-and they will be, but not soon enough.

Be warned- the information is upsetting and truly brings a sense of reality of the evil involved with the entire thing. The only reason I am linking to this is because I truly believe that the public needs to get a genuine sense of the horror that this family went through in order to see how important it is to get our justice system together in this state-whatever it takes!

If connecticut had done what it should have with these two men who had obvious chronic criminal behavior-giving them and holding them to thier full sentences as allowed by law, this crime never would have happened. The PETIT family would be living thier lives as they were, decent, good, kind, law abiding people.

Please get involved with criminal justice reform in this state and any other that shares the same loose, lackadaisical attitude-You do not need to wait until something brutal like this happens in your area to impose or tighten up your sentencing laws!
Educate yourself, write your congressmen, your Governor, your Attorney General- here in Connecticut, this is Richard Blumenthal in hartford.

Unite with others who are like minded, familiarize yourself with the many holes in our systems. Organize petitions and rallies. Do not continue to put your heads in the sand, for this is the biggest enemy of justice ; complacency and indifference. Though Indignance over this crime, and others like it is not enough. Take action, even in the smallest of ways, it makes a difference.

God bless Dr Petit and the Hawke-Petit families, may you heal well, you are in our prayers every day.

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