Oct 15, 2007

Justice system Was Given heads up regarding Petit family killer Komisarjevsky

Just when you think it couldn't get much worse, it does. http://www.repam.com/newsdocuments/Komisarjevsky_Sentencing.pdf

I came across this court transcript easily on the net, via a Google search on the names of the two career criminals that took the lives of the Petit family women in July.
It is a word for word record of the final court sentencing proceedings for what appears to be a huge string of robberies that spanned three different towns!

The information is disturbing because what we see is proof that the court knew this man posed a serious threat to innocent home dwellers in our Connecticut suburbs.
As the prosecutor so aptly pointed out, in every instance of his robbery, the family or homeowner were home at the time of the break in. Thus, making those crimes home invasions, as the potential for a violent confrontation ending in a loss of life, great-a chance that Mr Komisarjevski gladly took, often with his own neigbors, over and over and over again.

This is obviously much more serious than some smash and grab drug desperate addict who goes to all lengths to avoid running into people within his robbery crime-which happens to be the mode of operandi for stephen hayes, the second murderer in the Petit carnage.

On the other hand Komisarjevski made a point to only rob homes late at night, which indicates a truly arrogant and dangerous criminal. This is thrill seeking behavior with stalking at the very core of the crime-- indeed, the stealing of things seems almost incidental to this guy, he also stole personal items of some of the women that lived in the homes that he robbed. All of this exemplies a typical sociopathic persona, ie chronic disregard for the rights of others,as well the beggining stages of a sex criminal -You'll remember that this guy stole a personal framed photo of a young couple from the last home that he'd robbed the very night before the Petit home invasion.

What I gleaned from this court sentencing transcript was that the prosecutor in charge of Komisarjevskys bindle of break-ins was a responsible man, who clearly took his job seriously.

He was thorough, he was clear, and most of all, prepared to communicate to the court (ie judge) why he felt that this man should be given a serious sentence for the harm he had done in unquantifiable terms ie trauma emotional of the family's that were predated upon by him.

Certainly Compared to the prosecutors in my case (whereupon I became victim of violent crime in Connecticut) this states attorney was clearly devoted to upholding the law and speaking on behalf of the victims and making suggestions to the court based upon their best interests as well the interests of the rest of the public at large.

Take into consideration that The crimes being addressed here were a a bunch of house robberies where the loot taken amounted to a relatively smallish sum. My case was an out and out group of full blown violent crimes including assault in the 2nd degree ans well as criminal restraint in the 2nd degree, among others. The man that committed those crimes against me was also of the sociopathic variety-textbook in fact, And yet the prosecutors at Ga2l court in Bridgeport Connecticut were so indifferent, lazy, unprofessional and completely lacking the most rudimentary knowledge re criminal pyscology, they plead out this criminal that nearly cost me life with a deal that dropped very serious charges down to nothing charges, no prison time, no restitution,and on top of this travesty, allowed him to plead no contest to the lowered charges so that he never had to say the word 'guilty' This one thing that mattered very much to me, was taken from me by these inept, callous prosecutors who I daresay did more damage to me with their handling of my case, as well the utter invalidation of my soul after surviving a terrible set of violent crimes.

My point with this diatribe is this; I can amass a great deal of information from this court transcript re joshua komisarjevsky. And the most important fact that leaps out is that this was a responsible court meaning prosecutor and judge, both of whom spent a good deal of time and energy making sure that this vermin was handled in a fashion that proved that he was considered a danger to the general public at large

Having been through my own court experience as a victim of crime in this state I assumed that all Connecticut courts worked the same-the judge is just a centerpiece with little or no involvement in the disposition of a sentence, as almost every single case has already been discussed and an outcome or usually a 'deal' agreed upon OUTSIDE OF THE COURTROOM.
And it is brought in front of the judge for his her obligatory nod, this once all continuances have pretty much been exhausted by the accused attorney-This dually serves to bolster the attorneys bill up very nicely thank you and to clear the prosecutors daily schedule (as well the court) often adding up to a years time which is close to the average length of time it takes to dispose of a case from arraignment to sentencing at golden hill street court.

Lackadaisical cavalier attitudes like this are commonplace in some Connecticut courts, right along with apathy, laziness and a seeming commitment to doing the absolute minimum requirements of judicial civil service jobs.

But in fairness after some diligent investigation I have found that The various Connecticut courts are all run differently, each one with its own internal and external political workings and agendas- All of which greatly affect the daily machinations and moreover, the tone of the court itself (IE tough on crime vs lax, overly rehabilative oriented vs punitive-
Or.... as it is in my bridgeport ga2, court completely run by the local states attorneys office within the court, whose tone seems to be "We do not want to hear from the victim ,we dont want to do any extra work and dont even think about us taking a case to trial -as little as 2 percent of all violent crime cases that come thru our doors are ever tried-the rest are nolled dismissed or plead out And that plea deal is usually contingent on the kind of relationship the defendents lawyer has with said states attorney in charge of that case.

In any case, nothing resembling justice takes place under that roof, and Id like to know how this all came to be at GA2. When did the power leave the hands of the judges and foolishly transfer to the prosecutors offices? I know for a fact that it wasnt always that way at ga2.

In fact that very court was used as a model for doemstic violence docket 10 yrs ago, mainly due to a hard ass judge or was known to throw the book at abusive men men that battered women or children-and the same for child molesters. All as it should be. Apprently as soon as this judges term was over, so was the tough on crime attitude that prevailed in his court-it was right back to usual so Im told by certain state employees, with the main prosecutor at the time setting the age old civil service employee stereoptupe you know the guy you see at the MVD except these peole are supposed to be victims voices and purveyors of justice. bah!

.Please Note that i never use the term 'criminal justice system" This is because my experience as well as many others in this area, have proven that it is soley the justice end of this loose partnership that is a problem the problem, whereas the law enforcement involvement with crime in our state is for the most part, good. Most dept' s are versed well re domestic violence and stalking crimes. They see just how serious crimes of this nature are;time and time again they see the carnage brought about as a result of a chronic batterer being treated so cavalierly by the courts and no real protection given to thier victimes.

As a victim of violent crime of the so called domestic variety ( I argue this categorization and will tell you why later)I found The FAIRFIELD police departement extremely responsible and responsive-(they also take violent crime very seriously here and they are frustrated after all of their hard work; being painstakingly thourough with a case, drawing up clear Comprehensive warrants, apprehending dangerous criminals at risk to their own lives, only to watch the local court set them free with not even a slap on the wrist oftentimes, multiple "first time" offender free passes, and criminal records that do not reflect the seriousness of the crimes that these people committed-not even close.

These men and women are in the trenches if you will- they see first hand the damage done by these criminals. they are there when the terror and the wounds of crime are fresh. They see the eyes of the victims. And They know that despite that the likelihood is strong that these men will be let right back out to harm another innocent human being, and it will be someones daughter, mother sister or friend.

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