Oct 22, 2007

Judge: Unseal Cheshire Affidavits -- Courant.com

Judge: Unseal Cheshire Affidavits -- Courant.com

Just wanted to get this latest development in The Petit case out as it should affect what we all are able to read about this crime in the near future. There has been a lid on many of the details regarding the confessions that both murderers made to police shortly after thier arrests;
This due to both the defense and the states appeal to seal the warrant records from the press, each for thier own differnet reasons; The defense sighted the concern that the claim could be made down the line that a fair and impartial jury could not be found once details of the "alleged" confessions contained within one of the warrants were made public.

A descision from the Judge regarding the release of all of these warrants has been pending for 2 months with the whole issue further complicated by the fact that attorneys for the hartford courant-a local paper in the cheshire area, have petitioned for the records to be unsealed and made available to the press, as they claim that the states handling of this case is most pertinent to the people of connecticut.

The judge made a compromise in effect by decreeing that redacted versions of the warrants would be released, which translates into abbreviated facts or summations of findings, rather than specific word for word record. This is supposed to keep the jury pool uncontaminated by sparing the public the gory details found within the confessions as well as the many evidenciary solicitations and findings.

Reportedly among the most damning evidence is the cell phone records of the two defendents; Apparently the murdering child killers were text messaging each other with details of what they were up to while in seperate areas of the Petits home, after having beaten and bound the slumbering Dr Petit, and presumbably while sexually assaulting Mrs petit and her little daughter!

This is utterly heart breaking and the only solace thatI have in my heart at this moment is that it is clearer to me as a law abiding citizen of Connecticut that we Must use this horrific crime as the proverbial last straw in our bent and broken justice system and begin in earnest the process of drastic criminal justice reform. This is the only true way of honoring these women so that they did not die these terrible deaths in vain. We Now have a sacred duty to the Petits and ourselves; Its time for action Connecticut..

Judge: Unseal Cheshire Affidavits -- Courant.com

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