Oct 6, 2014

Today's Huffington Post Crime Page Reveals A Country Fraught with Violence

Chef Dismembers, Cooks Girlfriend Before Killing Himself, Police SayDENNIS RADER

Today's Huffington Post Crime Page http://www.huffingtonpost.com/crime/  contains a veritable plethora
of Violence and suffering, even more so than it;s usual macabre fare.

To me, it reflected an alarming escalation of interpersonal Violence and  violent crime in general within our country and beyond. The victim pictured at the top of this page was murdered by her Chef Boyfriend who neighbors described as normal  as ironically BTK despite his odd fanatic like persistence within a crime watch position in the neighborhood, also struck everyone queried as " normal"

The cooking of ones body is an ultimate act of hatred and rage or the result of one of  a disordered schizophrenia based mental illnesses, rather than a organized psychopath such as Nadar,but  in this instance this murder's heinous aftermath was strictly practical, not of the  Geoffrey Dahmer ilk.

Dahmer was the serial murderer of young men who he murdered after trying various horrific torturous acts like drilling holes in a victims head in order to render him a compliant, live of course sex  partner.

Dahmer later did an interview wherein he admitted to cannibalizing his victims in a bizarre attempt to keep them as a" part of himself"

I don't know if any of us can take anything that Dahmer shared in that particular interview, 
as the complete unvarnished truth however as he was with his father number one, years after his crimes trial and  life sentence, having supposedly discovered "Jesus Christ as  his savior." as a result of his father's persistence over the years of his incarceration.

Now he claimed to want to help society or forensic psychologists better understand criminals like him.

On the Front page of the Huffington Crime page is a famous serial murderer, " BTK killer" Kevin Radar trying is to purportedly redeem himself, as well help the families of his victim's by writing a book about his criminal mindset throughout his life - long murdering spree.

Radar was the prototypical guy next door for those who are not familiar with him, including a strong involvement with the local church, a church where he actually brought one of his victims to kill!

This dismembering and cooking of his wife's body was committed post mortem, after death, purely as a practical act, as the body of his slain wife was beginning to break down and the unmistakable smell of a dead body was beginning to tip off neighbors, who described the smell to Police as what they imagined bad dog food cooking.would smell like

Most questioned were shocked to discover the truth and recounted the couple as normal.and in love.

The Murderer's Face book page actually boasted his involvement with groups of Men against Domestic violence and Violence Against women.  That murder  was committed in Australia and a Face book memorial page has been erected for the victim. Another partner violence that ended in Murder - I have to wonder had their been any previous Police involvement  with either the murderer or within his relationships? 


This was just one of many Posts including a murder committed by a child and assorted
 horrible acts of violence and rage committed by every kind of human being,

The page reads like a series of horror novels, except for the terrible fact that all of the 

"stories "were not stories" they are Real.

Real human beings suffered through horrific violence,  wreaking pain  terror and tortuigistre in every single one of today's Huff Crime page posts. Even for me, a seasoned armchair psychologist/ writing about crime, ( minus the salacious and/or voyeuristic theme we see in other crime programs and blogs,) to say the least,  it was a very difficult read. 

I suggest that most people take it piecemeal, as it is that overwhelming and disturbing.

I write my articles and posts for both those who have perished and those who have miraculously survived some of the most vicious crimes some cross back from victim to survivor even managing to reach out to other victims while many many others suffer life long injuries and Trauma living as broken people. In this Country Justice in the form of sentencing is so rarely meted out fairly or consistently leaving the predators with the message that Court is a joke and something to be navigated much like the motor vehicle docket.

In another Post a Civil rights attorney was accused of RAPE Rubinstein faces Rape charges at Al Sharpton's B-day Party!

I strongly believe however awful as all of these articles are , with this as our growing reality, we owe it to the victims, who are in fact the embodiment of these crimes to read their stories," stories" about real crimes that ultimately maimed or stole our most valuable and precious commodity - another human being's  life..

 As well, the suffering that these victims endured, needs to be known  it is part of what they endured and most of the victims have no voice.  They have been silenced  forever.

As such we owe them, as compassionate fellow human beings, at  the very least, to 

engage, to care -not to quickly avert our eyes or turn away. 

The fact that our society is becoming desensitized to this influx of horrible Violence is a deep concern. We must not succumb to apathy or desensitization out of a protective coping skill that defeats the solving of this very important  and very common issue for so many people.

"Evil exists when Good men do nothingg"