Oct 11, 2014

Brain Injured NFL Player is Homeless due to Chronic "CONCUSSIONS"


Thirteen concussions this player suffered within his career while his co players had averages of 20 concussions each.

This is back when concussions were not taken as seriously as they are now, however it is primarily because of army related TBI'S CAUSED BY IE D'S which did not contact with the soldiers heads yet caused reverberations much like a shaken baby syndrome times 1000 which can do as much or more damage than a direct contact of the head against an object immovable such as a wall or struck my something like a helmet body that weighs 2-300 lbs or even a bat in baseball or during a domestic or bar fight.

The point here is that this man is but one of millions including vets and victims of violent crime professional and nonprofessional sports players, many high school and college players lives become ruined b y Post concussive syndrome that leave them with hearing, balance issues,  personality changes such as anger and depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, all of which can  then lead to drug abuse and other escape mechanisms to dull or avoid the discomfiture and pain.

We have come but a small way from where we need to be regarding brain injury both as individuals and a society: 

Wives of returning servicemen are not equipped nor taught to deal with a returning soldier who suffered what is now being called the standard injury (TBI) for the War in the middle east. 

Because it cannot be readily seen those around the unfortunate ex soldier sometimes forget or doubt or even suspected malingering as do the medical doctors at Walter reed who are becoming less and  less willing to give benefits to both TBI sufferers as well as it's sister condition - Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Again this very serious disorder which affects day to day living which are already affected  by the TBI: bright lights become unbearable, crowded stores, or places with a lot of people and movement bother the Brain injured person, as does cold weather present a plethora of  difficult situations to avoid as they try to return to regular civilian life!

We owe it to both Vets sports figures victims of crime and anyone especially teenagers who often don't show the signs until they are older as is standard fare for TBI victims - years after the incidents this is when the symptomatology rears its head to to speak and it is then that a person usually has an MRI and or Ct Scan which usually shows progressive damage aided by aging as happens with boxers wrestlers etc.

Balance disorders such as Parkinson's disease which Muhammad Ali developed later in life along with dementia is a classic example of how TBI takes years sometimes to begin its most severe symptoms.