Sep 9, 2014

Remains of Missing young Holly Bobo Positively Identified in Tennessee

This is another terrible tragic ending to a pretty young girl gone missing and sadly it seems to becoming a daily phenomenon in this country  Holly Bobe Body Found in Pre Searched Area.

A poster with pictures of missing nursing student Holly Bobo hangs on a fence in front of her house in Parsons, Tenn., April 19, 2013.
As much as we all want some kind of closure for the family of victims of violent crime, as opposed to the endless wait for their loved one to be found, hopefully alive, we also know that they are likely prepared for the worst, hoping for the best.

But it is the unknown that often hurts the most, today beautiful young Holly Bobo's body was positively identified and her family can lay her to rest yet the nightmare doesn't end for many until the perpetrator is identified caught and judiciously dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

As much as it pains me to continue to Post stories about victims of these senseless and horrible crimes -the crimes often begin with abductions and there are ways to defend and ward off such abductions  I am compelled to both tell their stories as they so often begin with abductions and or attacks by people that the victim knows and or possibly trusts, and thus as a society we can begin to teach ourselves and our children about this very real element of society and how they can recognize that they are being stalked or sized up for just such a crime.

A prayer goes up to Holly her family and friends tonight.

Peace comfort and strength.