Aug 9, 2014

Tragedy - Washington Girl's Body found Ivestigation underway

Jenise Paulette Wright: This undated photo provided by the FBI shows Jenise Paulette Wright.
This beautiful little girl missing for days and not reported by her parents as missing for the first several days of the so called disappearance has been found; sadly she's been murdered and it appears violently, according to prelim indications.

 I am absolutely sick over yet another innocent smiling child's face with her baby teeth still intact, " gone missing" and being found dead or in a abusive home,whereupon all of our state and country's resources fail these kids over and over again.

  Read this article
which offers a bit more details and draw your own preliminary conclusions.  Her parents according to this MSN Post didn't report this little girl
 as missing for several days,which certainly casts a shadow of doubt upon them and their possible involvement or at the least their afore knowledge as to what befell this innocent child.