Jun 24, 2014

Mom of 'Dreamy' Convicted Felon Crowdfunds for His Legal Defense - NBC News.com

This makes me terribly irate.

And although this affliction has been in existence for centuries, the whole psycho-social issues involved must finally be dragged out into the light, examined and explained to our society and women in particular, although men are certainly not immune from falling into this same trap..

The amount of letters and proposals for marriage to halfway attractive men or women who have been convicted of and confessed to murders rapes etc is an age old phenomenon very much akin to an abusive relationship and even the most educated intelligent women have fallen into it literally.

Yes, lookism might be involved to some degree but there is also a sick attraction to danger as well as a desire to save, change and help" the defendant or convict " that is another commonplace motivator or faux motivator really as it is along the lines of the Stockholm syndrome once communication begins with the prisoner or convict and the person on the "outside"  Family members steeped in denial often are facilitators and an entire host of  their own " helping" what they still see as their "innocent child"

just as we saw with Joshua komisarjevsky and so so many others who have enabled their criminally geared  child leading up to their serious criminals who ultimately murder and sexual assault of

Mom of 'Dreamy' Convicted Felon Crowdfunds for His Legal Defense - NBC News.com