Jun 23, 2014

Alaska Killer Confesses To Three More Murders

Anchorage Killer Investigation-1.jpg

This is terribly sad news and this murderous killer will hopefully be locked up for life, he deserves the death penalty, which naturally Alaska does not have. In my opinion every state that actually has it and in fact imposes it would deter a great many of especially these kinds of murders.

Now the killer is making deals to get himself to  more amenable prison- ultimately sociopathic narcissistic and classic - reminds me of Ted Bundy reeling off dozens of unsolved murders rapes and burial sites in attempts to stave off his already delayed execution. At that time they still used the electric chair rather than the much more humane lethal injection, which is akin to what most of u pray we die similarly whilst we sleep.

While his "confessions to the other murders in exchange for a prison transfer ultimately help in a terrible sanguine way insofar as the other family members now know what became of their loved ones; the murders were all brutal and senseless.

This brings us again to the truth being a necessary component for so many victims and victims family members as hideous as it often is. Many want to know every detail in order to be able to move on at all. This selfish psychopath has inadvertently enabled this but clearly for selfish reasons.

More coverage will follow on CHASING JUSTICE as the story and court continue, it will become revealed as o why this murderer got away with one charge of tampering with evidence in one of the several past homicides and released.

 Way to many unanswered questions and some of these murders happened many years ago.

Please stay tuned.

Alaska Killer Confesses To Three More Murders