Apr 22, 2013

Wall Street Journal investigates growing strife in Boston Bombing Suspects Family

This is a very good article in the Wall street Journal giving us an inside look into the increasingly turbulent family life of Tamerlan Tsarnaeva,  the older of two brothers who is believed to be the main instigator of the Boston Marathon bombings. The bombings as just about everyone knows killed two people including a beautiful little boy and severely injured hundreds of innocent human beings..

Once again it would appear that another Sociopath reeks havoc, bloodshed and loss of life; this time using extremist religious beliefs as his lament- ie excuse to exercise power over others, in the form of indiscriminate violence. It seems clear from this article that Tamerlan had begun to feel more and more powerless over his own "station" in life in the past year and as the circumstances frayed more and more, his bitterness became more focused at those around him especially anyone who seemed to have it better or worse yet was content.

It is a shame that Muslims in general are likely to be deeply affected by some of the national anger that these young men created using the mask of this particular religion as their (handy) weapon of choice. Let us hope that articles like this help the public to understand that this is not a reflection of the Muslim faith In fact I find it very ironic that Tamerlan gave up boxing because his new found zealotry dictated that the Koran says that a Muslim may not punch another man in the face, yet he had no problem killing an innocent child with pre-meditated homemade shrapnel bomb precision designed to most effectively  maim and kill.

In the meantime, we continue to pray for the victims and their  families and Godspeed to the wounded survivors as they need all of our prayers love and healing thoughts.