Feb 8, 2013

The LAPD's shooting of Two Innocent Women during Manhunt for Christopher Dormer

Suffice to say that today's indiscriminate shooting of two innocent women by the LAPD is a perfect example of the dangerous and illegal practices and tactics employed by far too many members of this Police Department:

Above Property of the LAPD 
Ironically, one of  Dormer's main focuses regarding the LAPD in his mainstream - media dubbed "rambling manifesto"  was the LAPD's  refusal to adhere to proper police protocol describing in detail episodes of  brutality, racism violence and death resultant from this unrestrained police department.

It should be said that the word "rambling and manifesto" were inseparable in virtually every major News source's description of Dormers tell all essay. The "Manifesto" was a detailed report that included information surrounding his dismissal from the LAPD for reporting a female recruit for kicking a mentally handicapped man. He explained the ensuing damage that his dismissal from the force has on his military career his character and reputation as a person who had served others most of his adult life. He also detailed some horrific behaviors among LAPD officers and I found  all of it credible. Too many details to be fabricated.

Interestingly there are three versions of Mr Dormers manifesto now floating around the web.
I've read them all and only one is consistent and believable  as  having been written by one man. Intelligent, articulate and very detailed the manifesto delved into the issues and happenings surrounding his dismissal from the LAPD as well as extremely disturbing inside the blue wall information about brutal and even ghoulish behavior that was everyday occurrence with many of his fellow LAPD officers.  .

Clearly, if Christopher Dormer did kill a former LAPD Captain's daughter and her fiance,  a man who also was an LAPD officer, this is brutality and revenge gone awry and Dormer should face the consequences in Court I don't believe for a moment that the LAPD intends to capture Dormer alive, they are obviously out to assassinate him.

I feel deeply for the murder victims and their families, they too have been victimized by these murders.
I have prayed for them as I do all people touched by violent crime especially murder of two young people.   In no way is my empathy for victims made less by my concurrent outrage regarding the LAPD and their obvious out of control gunning for this man; It is my belief that they wish to silence Dormer, procure revenge for his outing them ie crossing that Blue wall. And last on the LAPD's revenge list is  Dormers alleged killing spree. The media is simply sating that Dormer murdered these people and there has been no evidence offered and certainly no due process. The public has no way of knowing for certain that Christopher Dormer in fact killed all of the victims that the LAPD has attributed to him.

We do know that the LAPD's haphazard revenge - bent methods and mentality in pursuit of  Dormer is glaring proof that the LAPD  is intent upon "taking Dormer down", in these two shooting incidents the officers involved seem akin to thugs with badges.

Abuse of power, Police brutality, Corruption and  cover-up has haunted the LAPD for decades. We now have indisputable proof that their officers are guilty of excessive force, operating out of proper Police protocol within these two shootings; Two women minding their own business, driving a truck that was vaguely similar to Christopher Dormer's truck. as the linked article explains the truck was a different make and color than the last reported known  vehicle that Dormer was driving.

According to witnesses and the victims themselves, the police began shooting at the women in thier truck, seemingly out of nowhere from behind the truck, with absolutely no verbal warnings, no chance to "surrender".Ambush is the word that comes to mind, and ironically tis is the word LAPD bandied about regarding Dormers alleged shooting of two LAPD Officers, who it turns out were in fact      pursuing Dormer when they were shot. One Police officer died and the other survived.

The LAPD Police officers shot one of the women in the back and the other was ONLY BY CHANCE grazed by an LAPD bullet, causing significantly less severe injury.

On the same day in another town LAPD officers shot at a slender man driving another truck that was not the same make as Mr Dormer's.

Why the LAPD methods in Manhunt for Dormer are indefensible

Two Innocent women Shot by mistake in Manhunt for Christopher Dormer had no warning