Feb 17, 2013

Re: Christopher Dormer's Murder

The Christopher Dormer situation has been bothering me for weeks and now it has come to its violent fiery end, just as I feared  it would.

This Post at Alt.net describes some truths regarding the so called " shoot out" at the cabin where Dormer was holed up. It is very disturbing and very credible.
How law enforcement and media covered plan to burn Christopher Dormer alive

I have been following the story closely and I have had mixed feelings about the situation from the moment I read about the case.  From Dormers myriad of  initial complaints about the LAPD in his oft repeated "rambling manifesto"  on Facebook a "manifesto" that was not in fact rambling at all. This is worrisome as it speaks of not only the LAPD P.R machine, but mainstream medias willingness to lap it up like milk and help malign this man.

It was articulate, precise and believable, pulling the curtain back on a what certainly appears to be a morally defunct  Police department including some  hideous everyday behaviors of LAPD police officers: From cell phone photos of crime scene corpses, that Police officers would send each other in a sick daily game of who could capture the most gruesome image , to more standard fare such as the already infamous police brutality and racism that the LAPD is notorious for. Since the advent of cell phone cameras, these events of brutality have only increased and become more credible. However it is still rare to see justice served to LAPD police officers accused of brutality, even when caught on tape.

I am certainly not condoning Christopher Dormers murder of a retired LAPD Police Captain who had once been Dormers Representative ie akin to a lawyer at the hearing where Dormer officially lost his career with the LAPD for supposedly slandering a Police trainee for physically abusing a mentally handicapped man.

Nor do I condone the murders of the captain's daughter and her fiance, who was also a member of the LAPD. I was very disappointing that Dormer chose violence of this sort particularly against non LAPD members as part of a campaign, that at its core was seeking to expose wrongdoings within that Police department. He could have ripped the lid off of that department instilling permanent change if he had used the media and the celebrities that he purposely mentioned in his manifesto as PR and insulation. Obvioulsy Dormer felt that it was futile any attempts to expose this department would be met with

Much of the information that Dormer posted about the LAPD'S inner workings were far too detailed to be fabricated. I believe they were and are in fact valid. The trouble is that Dormer had two agendas; one was revenge for his unfairly lost career, and forever maligned character, a character that was important to him as he felt he had led a decent life and indeed from all appearences he had. As time went by the outcome that his dismissal from the department had on a life that seems from all angles devoted to service.

There is no doubt that his methods were wrong. However, his anger and resentment had three years to fester. From all appearances this man was intelligent and sensitive. He was appalled at the police brutality that was an everyday occurrence with his department. The bully tactics and the blue wall that surrounded what really went on at the LAPD both on the beat and on an administrative level to silence allegations and anyone that threatened that blue code of silence that we are all aware exists in every department to some degree.

A perfect example of some of Dormer's claims occurred within the LAPD's over zealous pursuit of Dormer:. The haphazard shooting of two innocent older women in an SUV that slightly  resembled Dormer's SUV is a perfect illustration of a Police department out of control on hyped up adrenalin fueled revenge, operating  without constraints, rules or following proper police protocol .

All witnesses to those shootings have said that the LAPD officers opened fire upon the vehicle and the two women without any verbal commands to the occupants of the car, and quite easily could have killed both women.

The officers thought that one of the two occupants might be Christopher Dormer.

What does this say about the way that Dormer was eventually cornered and murdered. Reading the article below unfortunately did not bring any surprises. Once I looked into the LAPD shooting of the women in a "Dormer like" car, I knew that this department was hell bent on murdering this man.

And my personal belief is that the bulk of the LAPD'S hatred for Christopher Dormer did not stem from  the murders of the LA police officers, but more-so the fact that Dormer had already exposed so many of the department's dirty secrets such as the cell phone crime scene photo's etc.

The threat that this intelligent and  articulate man posed to this police department as a believable whistle blower was enormous. If Dormer shared as much as he had on the Facebook page, imagine what an official inquiry into his allegations would mean to a police department rife with abuse of power, police brutality, racism, corruption  and much worse.

Bottom line The LAPD murdered this man. They burned Christopher Dormer to death. Two wrongs do not make a right.  When I heard on the radio that the cabin " burst into flames" I was immediately suspicious. I knew that this fire was intentional despite the official version being fed to the media once the smoke cleared and the  LAPD  gathered themselves up

As well keeping the media at bay, news helicopters with their cameras were not allowed near the perimeter of the scene as it unfolded and afterwards, in effect  putting a blanket upon the entire "shoot out" scene, All of this raises red flags galore. The entire media ban by the LAPD was purportedly made in order to protect the police officers.

And what a surprise, the mainstream media complied. However, Police scanner  radios, and the many  listening ears tell the real story - and those words cannot be undone..

On a final note (for now)  had Dormer been the monster that the LAPD made him out to be, he would have simply killed the couple whose cabin he ran into  before the LAPD cornered him. Indeed he was cornered because he let the couple live. Murdering or even maiming the two would have completely changed the outcome of the day, and dormer knew the chance he was taking allowing them to live.
He likely would not have been captured and the scenario that unfolded would have been completely different.

Instead, Dormer told the couple that "he didn't want to hurt them" and tied them up, leaving them unharmed. The Woman wrested out of her ties and called 91, citing that a man resembling Dormer had just been in their cabin and Dormers fate was decided as Police swept in, cornering him.