Nov 17, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Michaela Rose Petit You are with us Forever

Michaela Rose Petit 1995-2007 would have been 17 years old today.

Happy Birthday K.K, as your closest, loved ones call you. 

I  was not graced to know Michaela in this life, but I  grew to know her beautiful essence through oh so many stories and anecdotes related by family and friends, as well her words, and her life deeds - all  paint a picture of a special little girl with a gentle soul and a compassionate heart.

I thought about Michaela Petit every single day since the summer of 2007 after learning with crushed heart about the Petit family crimes. As pained as I was, and the pain ran very deep, out of nowhere came a glimmer of hope and solace, and it came from all places, a handful of words gleaned from Michaela's Facebook page.

The words, and the extraordinary fact that an 11 year old girl chose them as her "favorite quote", impressed me and most importantly, inspired me, as it did so many others who read and heard about them.

"You must be the Change that you wish to see in this world" 

At eleven years of age these are the words that Michaela Petit chose as her favorite quotation on her Facebook Page.

The quote originally spoken by the infamous Mahatma Gandhi, became reignited by a uncannily deep and thoughtful 11 year old girl, no longer physically with us, yet by choosing her quote so carefully and thoughtfully, Michaela was surely leaving us all with a mission


Lone survivor, Dr William Petit took a portion of Michaela's quote :  " Be The Change" and let those few words stand at the core of his newly founded Foundation's purpose, In doing this, he began a most apt legacy for his youngest daughter, as well his family, all of whom were known for their extra-ordinary caring, kindness, activism and community involvement


The potent message woven within those words seemed to be telling all  " lets get going, Every day matters so much, there is a lot of good that needs to be done!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michaela Rose Petit. You reside in our hearts and our souls Y