Nov 23, 2012


Help Save The Next Girl Web- Site

Please check out this grea Girl's advocacy group.

The group focuses on preventing predatorial and intimate violence crimes against girls and young women. I learned of the group through am article on Facebook, the article centered around yet another disappearance/ suspected murder of a lovely Virginia Tech student.

What makes " Help Save The Next Girl"stand so far apart from other support groups like it,  is the amazing  breadth of the charters mission; with the one steadfast motivation being to stop the cycle of predation and violence against teenage girls and women, Murder, kidnapping and assault numbers are growing daily.

Our young women are falling like unwitting soldiers in some unnamed and believe it or not in some places, still refuted war. The nature of this war is extremely clear; it is a war about controlling and criminal domination of  woman.   It is being lived out every single day in your town.

Please become involved.