Oct 24, 2012

Teen brothers held in 12 year old Autumn Pasquale's death

I have followed the story of Autumn Pasquale's disappearance since last Saturday. I prayed that she would miraculously be found alive, but  knowing that statistics were not in our favor, praying none the less.

There are no adequate words to describe the senseless brutality apparantly committed by two teenage boys ages 15 and 17 who have just been charged  in 12 year old Autumn Pasquale's murder.

The boys were reportedly tracked with the help of comments made on a Facebook page, dedicated to Autumn's disappearance, and subsequently her unsolved murder:.Autumns little body was discovered in a covered recycling bin that was left out on the curb with all of the other homes bins on garbage and recycle day pick-up in Autumnsjust blocks from her home in the small residential Town of          in New Jersey.  The entire nieghborhood has been grieving this childs dissapearence and  when her body was discovered, her callous murder. The mourning and pain however is boundless and  not limited by any geographic lines. Here in Connecticut I know that every

The two teens whose names remain anonymous due to their underage status were Neighbors of The Pasquale family and both were known to steal bicycles in the past as well the house was known as a teenage hangout with a good deal of what appeared to be parties and teenagers gatherings.

Ppreliminary reports are stating that the girl was killed in order to steal her BMX bicycle. The younger  brother was charged with luring  in addiction to the first degree murder charge that he and his older brother now face.  There has been talk that the boys might be charges as adults but there has been no confirmation of this by the States Attorney's office handling the case.

There appears to have been no sexual assault, thank god, at this juncture, but authorities have stated that it is not definitive until a full autopsy and tests are completed. Little Autumn died of strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head. My heart is so filled with sadness and anger, There seems to be a never ending succession of child predation and violence against women in the past 8 months. Instead of getting better it would only seem that the evil people that perpetuate this kind of brutality are growing steadily.The horror behind the premeditated act of disposing of  victims of such violence is as or more disturbing, for this shows an utter disregard for any sign of remorse or a glint of respect for the fact that a human being was simply snuffed out of existence and then the evidence disposed of.

 I cannot come to grips with the mentality and mindset that accompanies despicable acts of this nature, especially to a child.

God bless Autumn Pasquales family and friends, may she rest in Gods arms eternally.

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