Sep 13, 2012

Fairfield Police get F in response to Stalking crimes

I am alarmed disgusted and shocked at the ineptitude of the Fairfield Police Department in regards to their response to a recent string of stalking crimes in town. These crimes have all the earmarks for potential violence and confrontation.

It is an ominous sign indeed that rather than progressing in their awareness and response to
such serious crimes as stalking harassment and destruction of property, the Fairfield Connecticut Police department collectively would indeed seem to be regressing to a dangerously apathetic attitude such as the one that prevailed in Torrington Connecticut in the 80's.

I am of course referring to the Tracy Thurman case which resulted in a near fatal stabbing and
a massive lawsuit against the Torrington Police department.  Sadly it took bloodshed and a multi million dollar civil lawsuit against this Police department to bring about much needed change in our States Domestic violence laws, including serious crimes such as stalking and restraining order violation.

The Thurman lawsuit seemed to provoke a  change in the Police departments response to all crimes that fell under the umbrella of "domestic violence".This includes dating violence

I have written about this type of crime for well over six years. I better than anyone know that a lackadaisical attitude by Police in an escalating stalking  or harassment scenario is the perfect foundation for a predator. Police complacency is a predator/ stalker/ batterer's best friend.

The Fairfield Police have not only been remiss but glaringly irresponsible in the way that they have chosen to handle a clear cut repeated pattern of stalking and harassment crimes. The fact that these crimes are being committed at a home where a restraining order exists makes complacency a perfect recipe for re-victimization.

Ironically, below is a photo taken from the Fairfield Connecticut Police department's own website regarding Domestic Violence. Note the statement regarding "trusting the system"