Sep 8, 2012

Drew Peterson Found Guilty Of Murder In Kathleen Savio's Death

Kudos to the Illinois Legislature for having the courage to pass "Drew's law" in 2008.,the law pertaining to the admission of hearsay in murder cases.Without the law,  the Peterson murder case, built largely on "circumstantial" evidence (of gigantic proportions) may have fallen short of garnering a guilty verdict : The true picture of  Drew Peterson, the man he actually was within the confines of his multiple marriages, would not have been admissible, and thus the jury would not have heard the plethora of incriminating evidence against him.


Hopefully, Police are now re-doubling efforts in their investigation into the " disappearance" of Stacy Peterson, Peterson's fourth wife, the tragic happening that was the catalyst for the re-investigation into  Savio's "accidental death" - now officially\ deemed a murder thanks to drew law and a conscientious Jury.

Drew Peterson Guilty Of Murder In Kathleen Savio's Death, Jury Finds