Apr 20, 2012

Legislators explain ‘difficult’ vote on death penalty | Greenwich Post

Once again, I reiterate to the people of Connecticut who are against this death penalty repeal: There is something you can do.

Please get involved in the voting process. If You do not understand how certain legislators become legislators - do not be ashamed - find out!

Watch the political careers of the members of the Connecticut Legislature - ie The Ct. Senate and The Ct House of Representatives, the members that voted for this dangerous repeal Bill. Connecticut has a mostly democratic judiciary committee Senate and House of Representatives. Fortunately in the past we've always had a republican Governor to balance out this lopsided state Government. This bi-political balance has worked well for Connecticut in the past, keeping the zealots  from dictating state policy for every liberal issue that comes in front of the house and Senate.

However with the "win" by Democratic nominee Dan Malloy, former lawyer prosecutor and mayor of Stamford now in the Governors Mansion, all matters involving the criminal justice system are in the hands of the overwhelming ultra liberal criminal friendly politicians and well known state figures such as Susan Storey, very vocal DP abolitionist and Connecticut's lead public defender, Mike lawlor former co chair of the CT judiciary committee, media seeker, co-chair and now special attache to the new democratic Governor, as is his long known compatriot ex-Senator McDonald Democrat Stamford we can be assured will continue to become less of a focus of lawmakers as public safety has.

If you are unsure of who your own assembly person is, find out on the CGA website. There is no shame in not understanding how the system works, but there is no excuse for not finding out how it works once we become aware that  essential matters of crime sentencing and public safety will continue to lay in the hands of politicians who are not representing us time and time again. The death penalty issue has been rolling through the legislature for years.. Technically it was Rep Gary Holden Winfield an assemblyman from New Haven's  pet project- In reality there were far more politicians lobbying for the abolishment of the death penalty for a long time.  These same politicians also knew as long as they had a republican Governor, they would never get the death penalty repealed, because like Jodi Rell did, if it managed to get by the largely democratic legislature, it would get vetoed by the Governor.    Poll after Poll after Poll has proven that 63- 69% of the people of this state want the death penalty to remain an optional sentence for capital murder.  Period.
Yet the judiciary committee has time and again brought this bill to the table and voted it in, enabling the bill to make its way to the legislative floor.

All three political bodies, the Judiciary the Conn Senate and the House of Reps all belong to the people of this state. The exception to the voting system is the Judiciary committee, which is mostly comprised of different members of the Senate the house and people who hold higher ranking positions within the criminals justice system - these members are not voted in by we the people but rather they are voted in by their own compatriots within the political framework. Generally speaking most have degrees in law and or some very direct ties to the criminals judicial system in Connecticut.

However even the judiciary members have originated from other positions such as members of the house of reps and state Senators who each cover a different geographic area of Connecticut. The latter are voted into their slots by the people of this state!  This means that they can be voted out as well. If you read the linked article you ll see that a plethora of republicans crossed their parties official position on this Repeal and voted for THE REPEAL.  I have linked to the list of every single member of the Senate as well as the house and their accompanying votes on this bill to repeal the death penalty. Included is the judiciary committee where you will see wome of the names that are already on the lists of either the Senate or House of Representatives.

Bear in mind that the only way to vote someone out of their position in the powerful judiciary committee- and remember folks this is the place where these bill and laws and rescinding of laws originate within our states system- the members must be tracked to their home positions ie mike lawlor former co chair of judiciary was an east haven assemblyman for many terms. He kept getting voted in in east haven as assemblyman and seemingly there was little campaign against him to blast to the world his dangerous and arrogant habit of disregarding what his constituents want insofar as criminal justice matters, and constantly voted against tougher measures for violent offenders and voted for programs such as early release parole- the very same program that freed Joshua komisarjevsky after just 2.5 years in prison out of what a judge ordered to be a 9 yr sentence with 6 yrs special parole ie ankle tracking monitor the whole six years!

So as you can well note, as individuals we do have a modicum of power insofar as voting season. We have even more power collectively when we organize in our given geographic areas and we literally campaign against the legislators and senators who voted for this Repeal that as a people in multiple quinnipiac polls we stated that we were against losing the death penalty in our state. The majority spoke and the majority was ignored.  As in Mike Lawlors case, who is no longer an assemblyman nor judiciary committee co chair, since he went to work directly for Gov Malloy, he as others like him would need to be voted against by his east haven voters, and campaigned against by a large organized citizens lobbying group who can make the entire state aware of just how dangerous Mr Lawlor- or anyone like him fill in the blank- has been in issues of crime and public safety.

With such lobbying against the soft on crime legislators, and concurrently finding grooming and promoting a candidate that does represent tough on crime measures and is willing to vote accordingly.  In the last race for Mr lawlors seat a youngish woman aggressively campaigned against Lawlor but there was not enough specific information about the dangerous power that Mr Lawlor had within the Ct Legislature as well as his enormous influence within the Judiciary committee, where every abolishment bill originated.

gislators explain ‘difficult’ vote on death penalty | Greenwich Post

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