Apr 5, 2012

Connecticut Senate Roll Call( Voting) on The Death Penalty Repeal Bill

The list below is the final "roll call" official voting for each member of the Connecticut Senate in last night's all night session on The Judiciary committee's Bill to Repeal the Connecticut's Death penalty and Replace it with life in prison w/out the chance of parole.  This means the worst of the worst would - be killers rapists and predators from now on, will be going to trial, as their public defenders give it all they've got, hoping to procure a life sentence with the possibility of parole for their murderous clients.

And despite the rhetoric that the legislators who stand to gain the most from this abolition- (lawyers, for it equals money lining their pockets) their will be more murder more rape more "capital crime" which is really a detached way of describing terror  brutality unbelievable suffering for statistically the weakest most vulnerable people of this state - women and children -and elderly.

We have a serious responsibility now: Every single Connecticut citizen must remember which Senators voted for this Dangerous foolhardy Death Penalty Repeal,  come voting season. The same applies to each member of the Connecticutt Judiciary committee, which is comprised largely of attorneys who happen to be our lawmakers, either assemblymen or women or Senators.

For example two republican members of the Judiciary voted for this repeal when it was in its infant stage, where had it not passed it could not proceed to the Senate and the House of Representatives, the latter which of course has always been a shoe in yes vote for all abolition or "repeal" bills for the Death penalty.

Many PEOPLE OF THIS STATE are feeling angry and impotent. You ask what can we do, we, their constituents must vote them out and

I stayed up all night watching the Senators session on TV, and although I'd already heard that Senator Prague and Crisco had flipped their votes back to pro-appeal, I  held out hope for a last minute miracle of sorts.

At the very least I needed to watch the biggest mistake in history ever made by the Connecticut Senate, and the at best, naive uninformed poor  "logic" and  a great deal of pontification from Senators who would have us believe that the Dennison to repeal the death penalty in Connecticut is "the latest trend" in New England states, morally correct, beneficial to victims ie family members of murdered monetarily beneficially to the state (- citing incorrectly that a repeal will save the state money which Ive explained ad nauseum is absolutely incorrect and why)

Senate Bill 280 was passed by the Senate, 20 to 16, at 2:05 a.m. on April 5, 2012

Voting for repeal

Beth Bye of West Hartford

Steven Cassano of Manchester

Eric Coleman of Bloomfield

Joseph Crisco of Woodbridge

Eileen Daily of Westbrook

Bob Duff of Norwalk

John Fonfara of Hartford

Terry Gerratana of New Britain

Edwin Gomes of Bridgeport

Toni Harp of New Haven

Gary LeBeau of East Hartford

Carlo Leone of Stamford

Martin Looney of New Haven

Andrew Maynard of Stonington

Edward Meyer of Guilford

Anthony Musto of Trumbull

Edith Prague of Columbia

Gayle Slossberg of Milford

Andrea Stillman of New London

Donald Williams of Brooklyn

Opposing repeal

Toni Boucher of Wilton

Paul Doyle of Wethersfield

Joan Hartley of Waterbury

John Kissel of Enfield

Leonard Fasano of North Haven

Scott Frantz of Greenwich

Anthony Guglielmo of Stafford

Robert Kane of Watertown

Kevin Kelly of Stratford

Joseph Markley of Southington

John McKinney of Fairfield

Michael McLachlan of Danbury

Andrew Roraback of Goshen

Len Suzio of Meriden

Kevin Witkos of Canton

Jason Welch of Bristol

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