May 13, 2011

Petit Lobbies Senators, helps Changes Minds About Death Penalty Repeal

Kudos to Dr Petit.
Sometimes  speaking one on one to politicians, who are human beings after all, about something as intimate as becoming a victim of violent crime, can be much more effective than any petition, protest or traditional lobbying efforts.

In a different artticle about this, Dr Petit spoke to one of the Senators about being in court and having the Judge and others repeatedly refer to the men who murdered his family, as "Gentlemen," whereas his murdered family members were repeatedly referred to as the "decedents".Even someone who hasn't lived through violent crime can understand that there is something very wrong here;

It would seem that time and again our system  bends over backwards to ensure that  the criminals are perpetually humanized - lest we forget - and yet no such care is given to the victims, who are often dehumanized through that very same system. Anteseptisized words like decedents are just the tip of the iceberg; this is about the  entire sterilization of violent crime, which, when it is honestly looked at,, is all about human terror, suffering, torture, pain and the terrible trauma left behind .

When I read the Gentlemen" comment, it immediately resonated with me;  As a survivor of violent crime, ten years later I still vividly recall how I felt when one Judge overseeing my case would  maddeningly say " have a nice day gentlemen" to my assailant and his lawyer, at the close of  a 1 minute appearance in front of the bench which served as a "continuance" for my criminal case.

It was as if besides that pesky business about attacking a woman in her home and giving her brain damage, they'd all be pals, On another occasion I remember  a different judge wishing another defendant, a man who had battered his wife badly after breaking restraining order, a"Merry Christmas"  This just after she'd granted yet another fruitless continuance for the man and his lawyer.

 Since then, I've heard and seen many innapropriate gestures and considerations extended  towards men who are in court for committing serious acts of violence and pre-cursors to such.  I've sat and watched the docket all day and been disgusted by the winks, nods and general lack of consideration for the victims of the crimes that are being herded through the doors as if they were motor vehicle violations.