May 27, 2011

Appellate Court Orders Release of Komisarjevsky Witness Lists - North Branford, CT Patch

The appellate court has put an end to this nonsense--as of June 1 that is.

Komisarjevsky's attorney's wasted more taxpayer money pursuing yet another pre-trial, pre-jury selection motion/objection... this long drawn out fight over the defense witness lists not being privy to the press, or anyone else who can request such via the privacy of information act.

They are against the release of their defense witness lists for the trial against Komisarjevsky, brainchild to the Petit Rapes and murders.

The appellate court yesterday basically ruled that they have already ruled on this issue , being very generous in fact, giving two or three extensions to the defense with new court dates and layovers keeping the witness lists private until a final decision could be made.

That decision was made almost a week ago and Donovan, Bansford and co., in classic form shot out another auto-appeal, once again ignoring court protocol and making up their own rules as they traverse this already obscenely slow jury selection process: a process which has taken an inordinate amount of time, largely due to the the defense attorney's stalling tactics and their ridiculous amount of pre-emptory challenges. In the meantime, the Petit's and their extended families solemnly and with heavy burden, wait, and wait for something resembling Justice, for Michaela, Hayley, William and Jennifer Petit.