Jul 5, 2010

Vandersloot vows to "paralyze the process" re his Florez murder

This guy sure picked the right country to kill someone in - it turns out that there is no death penalty, nor even the possibility of a life sentence with no chance for parole for the crime of murder in Peru! What the heck is this about- don't they value human life?!

And for that matter what crimes do carry the possibility of life with no parole, if murder doesnt? What do you bet its reserved for crimes related to stealing ie the ever important MONEY, or betraying the GOVERNMENT, like robbing a bank or espionage. This certainly doesnt bode well for the government of Peru - we cannot blame the people however, any more than we would want to be blamed for our countries judicial system's flaws. Our justice system is bad enough, hijacked as it is by morally bankrupt defense attoenys, rationalizing all under the umbrella of the by now totally prostituted "every defendent has the right to a fair trial ".

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