May 5, 2010

Suspect in lax killing once deemed 'unflappable'

I cannot abide by these media articles that help perpetuate the notion that a female victim of intimate violence somehow caused an otherwise "reasonable"( in other words- non- violent type) to commit A brutal crime against said victim. (Note; the term intimate violence here is used very broad, meaning only that the Victim knew her attacker-not necessarily that there existed a sexual relationship between assailant and victim -

Most unfortunate for victim and families of that victim, a good deal of these cases will wind up inappropriately swept into the domestic violence realm,..EITHER within the actual court dockets (in more and more Ct larger city courts there are such specialized units' subsidized largely by grant monies federal and state, and thusly in the general mindset of the court that leans to wards a definite leniency in how these cases are handled and adjudicated.

This leniency and tolerance towards violence against women who knew their attackers oft times includes. amazingly enough the prosecutors who are indeed paid to be the voice for the victim, they the presumed purveyors of justice for that victim who are in fact the embodiment of those crimes. And in too many cases, like this tragic one, the victim herself has been permanently silenced.

Of course there are also judges juries and victims advocates involved in the periphery of most violent crime processing- as its truthfully become in Connecticut. But truth be told these folks rarely have much influence over how violent crime cases most involving multiple charges, are reconciled ie the sentence that the assailant winds up: 97 percent of all criminal cases in Connecticut are plea bargained this means that they do not result in a trial, instead

deals are made behind closed doors between the assigned prosecutor and the attorneys for the defendant. These"deals" have become the bane of our judicial system and in my opinion, the biggest perpetrator of violent crime in this state,
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