May 11, 2010

Hayes Denied Request To No Longer Attend Jury Selection

Note; Older article/News Re The Petit family Case new Op-Ed Post;

Its good to see a presiding judge in this case finally show some judicial integrity and sound judgement,let's hope this is the beginning of a trend towards actual justice-with accountability being the watchword. Because as anyone following this case knows this has thus far glaringlynot been the case insofar as the courts oversight of these brutal crimes.

The seeming ever revolving-door succession of judges "presiding over the Petit case has certainly not helped matters from a practical legal and judicial standpoint,never mind how this lack of constancy has ill served the Petit and Hawke families as well the negative impact on the lone surviving victim Dr William Petit who was beaten so badly within the commission of these crimes that he still suffers daily from the Traumatic Brain injury inflicted by one of the two "defendants" caught fleeing the triple murder scene.

I have personally counted at least three judges hearing, and making major decisions regarding this case so far- and the case is for all intents and purposes, in its infancy; This, almost three years after the actual assaults and murders of Jennifer, Hayely and 11 year old Michaela Petit.

The New Haven court where this Cheshire murder case is being heard is less than halfway through the voire dire jury selection process for just the first of the two "defendants"- Steven Hayes. Knowing Connecticut's unwieldy and time consumptive voire dire process,the remaining jury selection could easily drag on for months upon months. The least that the court can do, in the name of what is right and just, and victim considerate, is ensure that Mr Hayes attend each and every step of his own State paid lawyers purposeful (and wasteful) procrastination of the onset of whatever is passing for "Justice" in Connecticut these days.

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