Oct 3, 2009

An Oasis in the Middle of a Difficult Time...

In the middle of all the recent ugliness and pain caused by the recent publication of a book that was co-written by one of the men that killed Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit, I thought to visit one of the good things that have sprung from this terrible tragedy.

This video made me cry when I first saw it last year, as did the very first plain photos of the heart shaped plot in its naked bare form, prior to any plantings, soil lovingly tilled unearthed and waiting expectantly

I could see and feel the care and love in that tilled expanse of earth where the Petit home once stood. And as the flowers and the plants began to fill the heart shaped patch, I saw and felt the spirit of the Petit girls right there, amid all of that new life and growth.

I needed to see this again today.

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