Oct 4, 2009

Boycott Book co-written by murderer of Petit Family Mom and two daughters

I've written a few posts recently concerning a book that was just released in Major book stores and Amazon, that is about the tragic Petit family murders which happened 2 years ago here in Cheshire Connecticut.
The book is in a word - evil - and I'm not one to bandy that word about this is true evil folks.
Look, its bad enough that money is made from the sensationalizing of horrible details of sexual assaults and murders, particularly when it involves children -But I grudgingly suppose that is part of the price that we collectively pay for freedom of speech and this includes the written word - here in our country again I stress grudgingly. However this book transcends mere bad taste, ugliness and moral turpitude all of which it does entail.... Moreover, neither of the two men accused of murderering Mrs Petit and her two young daughters have been tried yet! In fact jury selection has not even begun for the first scheduled trial of Steven Hayes, a fact not overlooked by those of us who see all of the possible manipulative reasoning for the existance of this book as well the timing of the book. ie it is released well before the
And then theres that pesky issue of the Court imposed Gag order that was carefully and clearly written with much consideration and aforethought by the presiding Judge at the time Judge d prohibiting all parties related to the crimes, including the defendents" as well the Petit and Hawke families, from speaking about the crimes themselves or legal details concerning the case. All of the above treatise were violated by co defendent and apparently co-author-joshua komsiatrjevsky, albeit said co-author of a poorly written terribly edited, opportunistic crap-posing as a "book"

Although technically written by Brian Mcdonald large segments are based on face to face prison meetings and correspondence with one of the two men that murdered Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit. In fact large segments of the book are from komisrajevskys narraitive including the opening "scene"

I need to start with this very clear disclaimer; I have not purchased this book, nor will I, nor have I read it in full, as well I implore all conscientious and morally sound folks, do not buy this book under any circumstances. It has been made from the suffering and the crys of its victims, victims that include an eleven year old child Michaela Rose Petit.

I have read enough of the book via the many excerpts that are being posted within newspaper articles, Blogs, internet media outlets and the author's website which I admittedly visitied in hopes of gleaning some insight into the person who could write such a book at such a terribly raw and still very painful time-for both the surviving Crime victim Bill Petit, his families and the community and state at large.

Having written about the Petit family crimes from the terrible day that they happened , I felt that I needed to have at least a general idea of what was being said in this book by the co- murderer and indeed mastermind by his own admission- joshua komsiarjevsky. This, in order to get a handle on how this
could affect the potential jury pool and ultimately the trial itself.

I am asking the public and not limted to the state of Connectricut- to stand up and boycott this book, in much the same way that the Orentahal J Simpson book was boycotted. 9 I refuse to refer to him by those by now infamous intials that were once an endearing nicvkname when the man was known only a good athelete and later, a bad actor. I believe to continue reffering to this womanbatterer and murderer by this nickname is an insult to Nicole Brown Simposn Ronald Goldman and all of their bereaved loved ones

In any event in the Simpson book case, the people rose up and in effect said 'NO! NO WAY is this GUY GOING TO PEDDLE A BOOK DESIGNED TO TIttalate THE READER stopping one step short of admission---ABOUT TWO BRUTAL SADISTIC MURDERS THAT THE ENTIRE COUNTRY KNOWS HE COMMITTED AND SUBSEQUENTLY GOT AWAY WITH. The mere premise of that book was despicable and the american public and even the media-largely as a result of the outcry..

There was such a strong response from the public, that the publisher did the wise thing (and whether it was merely covering their butts or a sudden attack of conscience ahem) they stopped publication and distribution of millions of hard cover Books, many already bound Packed up and poised to shp out to Bookstores accorss the world. As well A WELL KNOWN TV station cancelled a highly touted interview with the killer/ "writer" , well hyped and shamelessly promoted at that Juncture.

Of course these companies never should have contracted the project in the first place but at least they responded to the public outrage. Remember, companies are comprised of human beings-they are not entities without human characteristics, despite what corporate america is often depicted as.

I remember feeling proud the day that I heard this book was not going to be sold, albeit a bit surprised- surprised that decency and integrity actually won out over greed and public titillation.

While the situation surrounding the Simpson book is similar to the recently released Cheshire book, there are some key differences which make the latter even worse; In the case of the OJ book-the case was long resolved by the time the book came out., although the criminal resolution was a veritable travesty and the not guilty verdict disturbed many many people. We all knew that this man killed his ex wife and essentially got away with it. He is a sociopath and as such, he played the oh so carefully selected jury, he used them and got what he wanted from them; near absolution for the murder of two human beings, one of them the mother of his children.

In the simpson case the not guilty verdict compounded amd excacerbated the public's irel It was bad enough that he got away with murder but now he was rubbing our collective faces in it, including the victims families- not to mention the killer stood poised to make a lot of money by titillating the masses with a half assed confession or murder.
The Bottomline- the American public had its Limits after all and we collectively said so via the successful boycotting of the book- the publisher and any related media outlets. .

In the case of the book about the Petit murders, the most essential fact is that the case hasn't gone to trial yet and the book is violating a court ordered gag on the case.
It has been over two years since these murders occurred and with two co-defendants to try, neither has a set trial date nor even a tentative date for jury selection to begin. Unfortunately this is typical of the state of Connecticut's tortoise- paced judicial system.
Almost immediately after the arraignment for these two "defendents", the presiding judge put the gag order on the Petit case. Warrants were heavily redacted before being released to the press via the freedom of information act.
A Confession from one of the killers (THE very same who co authored the book in question) were completely whited out and all parties involved with the case including the sole survivor, Dr Bill Petit, were ordered not to talk about the details of the case with anyone. Everyone complied, as difficult as it was at times, partcularly for the survivor and the families, who I am certain wanted to shout from the rooftops 'look what these bastards did to my loved ones!'
But they didn't. Ironically, this gag order and the many steps taken to redact information from the media, were done largely to protect the rights of the defendants in the case, who by the way have plead NOT Guilty. Novody wanted a reason for a mistrial or a to provide

Two years with scattered hearings of little consequence pass by and out of seemingly no where we are told that a book is coming out about the crimes and it is written from the standpoint of one of the killers! Not just one of the killers mind you, but the same killer presumed to be the instigator-of the crimes, the leader if you will:
Twenty eight year old Joshua komisarjevsky of Cheshire, broke the gag order and Apparently penned voluminous letters to and met with-brian macdonald, a writer, on multiple occasions, for the specific purpose of recounting his version of the crimes against the Petit family for a new book --- Until Connecticut Dept of Corrections "caught him" and reportedly removed the writers name from komisarjevskys visiting list.

At the same time we are told that all of komisarjevskys visitors were stricken from the list with the exception of his layers presumably as punishment- This included the inmates family, which the Mcdonald, the writer in question states he"' guesses was " partly his fault" Why this matters at all is this: at that EXACT juncture, komisarjvskys lawyers JEREMIAH Donovan knew, They knew that their client met with a writer and that he'd been caught basically relaying details of the crimes-or at least a version that he and likely they, wanted to stand as unrefuted fact-
which now thanks to everyone involved with this book, it will to thousands of unsuspecting readers. The book reads as if the crimes happened this way and even goes as far as narrating from both murderers minds and not surprisingly Komisarjevsky tells the tale in such a way that he did not kill anyone- his accomplice was the killer even when evidence points to the contrary.

We are not told at the outset of the book look this is what one of the defendants said and one must take it with a grain of salt, because he is after all waiting to go to trial for these very crimes, and indeed has been a notorious liar and manipulator, not to mention his lawyers have been fighting tooth and nail to get him a life sentence, instead of the death penalty, which he clearly is afraid of.

This means that his lawyers will have to prove that he wasn't guilty of capital murder "only" felony murder -And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly how HIS VERSION OF THE CRIMES pan out He "didn't kill anyone" or so he contends.

Here's the thing decency aside, from a legal criminal standpoint This book should have been allowed to be written not certainly published. The writer shrugs and says hey I didn't know when it would be published, I just wrote it and the publisher chooses when to publish. I did my job." he met with the guy surreptitiously- he were aware that there was a gag order on the case. He recently stated that there is so much publicity about the case that the book wouldn't matter and That" the story needs to be told." It needs to be told"

He adds that he is doing a public service in effect by telling a cautionary tale insofar as the importance of crime and security in our homes, and what not to do because after all look who could be out there. Or words to that effect.

The book is beyond offensive, Komisarjevsky shares details that he almost seems to have to catch himself lest he gets giddy about them. He starts out with the motive of re-working the events of the crimes to reflect less involvement ( and thus culpability )with the actual murders, shifting all capital crime upon his co accomplice Steven Hayes. Even the details that he does share about his involvement, which at first might seem foolish for him to admit to- are subterfuge. They are facts that the police already know about, and some have been culled from his lengthy confession to police after he was caught fleeing the Petit home in the Petit family car.
He cites details about the victims and their reactions to the crimes which are heartbreaking. He has in effect re- traumatized all of us who have simply heard about those details via the news stations and the many online articles. No doubt the family has caught wind of some of these details. No one had to read the book- as the media grabbed the story and ran with the most coarse and cruel bits of information gleaned from the book. Many online newspapers used them as titles to their pieces hoping to draw in as many potential readers with overt sensational that bordered on Giddiness. And they all did exactly what komisarjevsky planned; they did a huge service to him and his case as they helped propel his version of these crimes through the world wide web and as they traveled they were magically transformed into "facts" .

Today I read that the author Brian Mcdonald is trying to encourage parallels between himself and Truman Capote IE In Cold Blood. Suffice to say this is ludicrous; Mcdonalds writing is awful It's sophomoric and pedestrian at best. I don't need to read more than a handful of excerpts in order to know this man cannot write. This is undoubtedly why chooses sensationalistic voyeuristic subject matter for his books, he can rely on the draw of true life sexual crime to sell his book- his writing is certainly not going to.

At the moment this book is being sold at AMAZON, BORDERS and BARNES AND NOBEL, among others. The very first thing that we can do as compassionate and responsible human beings is to not buy the book as well tell our Friends and loved ones to refrain from doing so.
Anyone who buys the book is lining the pockets of some very bad people, they are also helping a killer to perhaps avoid accountability for his part in three murders. no to mention giving him a voice and much desired attention. One of the hallmark of sociopathic personna is that they crave attention and need to stand out somehow. They also lack conscience, but they are usually cunning enough to .feign one if it will serve them.

Any buyers of the book would also be perpetuating a terrible pain to the families of the victims involved and Dr Petit himself, the sole survivor of this mans carnage. There is karmic turnabout for this kind of thing.

We can take this one step further amd assist in boycotting the book; let your voice be heard to the distributors and publishers. Unfortunately the book which is in paperback, has already gone to print and sold many copies. The goal now is to stop any more books from being published and sold.

The publishing contact information can be found below as well as the Appropriate contact information for Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Please take the time to write and/or call these distributors as well as the publisher themselves. Tell them how you feel about a man who murdered three people whos not been tried yet, being allowed to violate a gag order, write a book that brags of horrendous details of rapes assaults and murders. And now sits on thier shelves or

published by their publishing house or
sold in their stores.
Ask them how they might feel if this were their family, their children This question is pivotal and needs to be answered.


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Thank you.

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