Apr 3, 2009

Support bill -H.B. No. 6705 Conn. Residents

Dear concerned Connecticut residents,

The link above brings you to on extremely important proposed crime bill ( HB 6705 )

It needs to reach the pending legislative session in order to be a voted on, and it is in danger of not getting in front of them for another year, as it now sits at the mercy of The Connecticut Judiciary Committee.

The bill proposes reform measures for our states habeas corpus writ, which in its present form is unfortunately serving as a vehicle for unscrupulous defense attorneys and violent criminals alike to abuse our current appeals process. Used mostly as a stalling tactic of sorts, it can drag out the resolution of violent crime cases and the imposition of sentencing.

This bill for habeus is also an important step in reforming our states death penalty, which is rarely if ever actually used, partly because of the abuse of habeas corpus. Like many well intentioned writs, habeas was designed to protect the basic rights of those wrongly accused of a crime, but as it is currently written, it has since become a loophole for murderers and rapists to manipulate our courts and stead off their sentences indefinitely. It also clogs up the courts and costs the state and the taxpayers a good deal of money in the process.

Please read up on this reform bill ASAP and email the judiciary committee and/ your local Representative in the legislature,-this includes your town's selectman, assemblyman, and area Senators-(You can look them up online if you're not certain who they are; (every town has one or two reps on the general assembly) Please tell them that you support the bill and ask them to vote on the bill in the immediate upcoming session.

This is one of those bills that really affects the people of this state, and and it can ease a great deal of suffering on behalf of crime victims and their families.

It is time to take back our judicial system, too many lives have been lost due to Connecticut court's many inefficiencies.,And many more lives destroyed by a terrible lack of justice for murdered and victimized loved ones.
Let us bring some peace to those who already have suffered so much, by helping impose a reasonable and timely resolution of thier loved ones murder cases.

CSAO: Judiciary Committee - March 26, 2009 - H.B. No. 6705

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