Apr 20, 2009

Columbine demonstration at Capitol

Today is the 10th anniversery of the horrible Columbine crimes.
A group of friends and family members of the victims killed that day chose to demonstrate today on the steps of the states capitol in a very dramatic - and sobering fashion. One by one, thirteen people, each wrapped in blue and white ribbon, laid themselves down on the pavement, arranging themselves as spokes on a wheel - Each body symbolizing 13 lives lost to senseless gun violence ten years ago today at Columbine High School.

The demonstration was two-fold - it served as both memorial and protest for what is percieved by its participants as Government and public complacency regarding stricter Gun Control.
The father of one of the slain children, Daniel Mauser said it all when he was asked why he
chose today to make a political statement about this "tragedy".

"I would just say, 'Why wouldn't we do this today?'" Mauser said. "...We have become desensitized. We shake our heads and say, 'What a shame,' but we don't do very much about it."

'We don't do very much about it.'

And therein lies the rub. When anniversaries of awful happenings like this come around, I think that at the very least as a people we need to ask ourselves ' what lessons have we garnered from this... ? What actions have we taken towards insuring that this doesn't happen again?

Today a group of still-bereaved family and friends of 13 Columbine victims answered
"Not enough." They cite an attitude of complacency regarding stricter gun control both within the community as well as the State Government.

The link below leads to a very good article about the many whys behind the Columbine shootings. Be forwarned that it delves into the disturbed minds and souls of the two young men that visited terror and carnage upon their own peers'. And while I do not wish to in any way sensationalize them or their acts, I do feel that it's imperative that we all become more aware of the signs and symptoms of the personality disorders that lay just behind violent crimes such as this one. www.slate.com/id/2099203/

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