Aug 29, 2008

A Sobering comment Re Crimes against Children

The italisized essay below was found on this blog
within the comments section:

And although it may sound a bit dramatic, I agree with much of what "ME Stern" is saying here.

I know that we have always had predators in this world, particularly child predators, as I remember well being warned about them as a little girl. However, like ME Stern, I have been noticing an incredible surge in violent crimes involving children in sheer number, as well as the degree of depravity and violence.
We must put more collective energy and attention into this grave issue. This starts on an individual level; no more hiding our heads in the sand about this tough subject.

Children, the elderly, women and Pets are often targets of abuse because they are usually physically and sometimes emotionally weaker; This makes them vulnerable to those that would predate. Remember,the ultimate desire of predators is control. This is the very same dynamic that is often at the core of partner violence.

I propose that if we begin to change the way that we view all kinds of abuse, we will slowly change the way that everyone around us sees it and handles it. And by talking about it amongst ourselves as well as bringing it into the public forum, we begin to demystify it.
This is the first step to awareness and change.

M.E. Stern said;

"When I come across evil things such as this -- I try to "intellectualize" it in my mind, so I can feel better if at all possible. Yet, I simply can't. I am not a particularly religious person, but I have now come to believe what some people have said. And that is that now evil forces of the universe have somehow come to dominate over the opposite good forces. I don't think it is just as simple as, "oh he is a sick man." I think there is a larger energy field out there that is wreaking havoc notably on children. Also disturbing to me is that I often look for parallel behavior in the world of nature / other animals. And somehow if I see that an analagous thing happens "naturally," I am somewhat comforted. Yet even when, say, a baby lion cub is eaten by a hungry predator it it NOT an act of deliberate evil, it is better thought of as a hungry animal eating available and appropriate food. The perp's actions against this innocent child have no analogy in nature! I am saddened, angered, disgusted and worried for children today."

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