Apr 30, 2008

Home invasion Unnerves East Rock neighborhood in New haven

New Haven Independent: Home Invasion Unnerves East Rock

Another violent "home invasion" involving a 55 year old woman in her middle class neighborhood in New Haven. She was tied up and beaten with a bat and her home ransacked and robbed by three young men.

The police arrested one of the three perpetrators the following afternoon, the other two are still at large, although it is being said that the new haven police have been made aware of both of their identities via the assailent/thief arrested.
No word yet regarding any criminal record for the man who was arrested, we only know that he was only 17 years old. Hopefully he will be tried as an adult considering the level of violence against the homeowner, who offered all of her money valuables and her car to the intruders according to the New Haven Police. More as this case develops.

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