Apr 8, 2008

Journal Inquirer > Connecticut has lost any right to be shocked

This was an excellent article by Chris Powell making some very astute points--until the last paragraph where it almost sounds as if he is suggesting that the murderer of a New Britain woman had no choice but to kill someone eventually, that it was inevitable This due to his unfortunate plight in life (having accrued an extensive criminal record, and thus having such limited opportunities ) He even offers a supposition that this man had a fatherless upbringing with little hope in life prior to his first crimes, something that has yet ot be established factually, rendering it a painting of all criminals with the same seemingly guilt ridden broad brush.

Truth be known this article took such a strange and unexpected turn at the end that I was left dumbfounded and asking myself -and Mr Powell-'umm...what is your stance on crime then-That we're too tough or not tough enough?
And while many of us have mixed feelings about crime and inwardly walk that fine line between compassion for the criminal who truly wishes to revamp his life after paying his debt to society, and wanting and needing laws and sentencing that are consistantly imposed, in order in keep the public as safe as possible from becoming victimized by crime, I feel that last few paragraphs go beyond this somewhat natural human ambivalance. But, have a look for yourself.

Journal Inquirer > Chris Powell > Connecticut has lost any right to be shocked

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