Apr 4, 2014

Clip from James Gandolfini's docudrama Wartorn re PTSD

This is a clip of one of two documentaries that deceased actor James Gandolfini Created produced and participated in interviews with the actual Veterans.

So few people it seems know that Gandolfini was so much more than  his larger than life role as "Tony Soprano" in the acclaimed HBO series, that they did not understand that this was merely a part and that the man himself was indeed the antithesis of a violent Mob boss albeit one who was multi layered and sensitive at times while brutal and cruel the next.

In the meantime Mr Gandolfini took and interest in the Iraq war specifically the young American vets who were returning to a life whilst having witnesses horrors that leave them changed forever in ways that few Americans realize or think about.

He sought to change this with the help of fellow actor Tony Sirico. While both HBO documentaries are sensitive and amazingly accurate " War-torn" really caught the essence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a now finally accepted DSM condition which Vets and many crime victims including victims of domestic/dating violence develop and live with often for years, and sadly in more serious cases -for life. I particularly identified with the Wal-Mart scene as I too have experienced very similar symptoms whenever in crowded noisy places.

Every aspect of a PTSD survivors life is affected and it takes tremendous support by family and friends as well as education about this little known condition that affects a great deal of Americans.

Like one of the men interviewed says "I I never expected to lose my mind" These words could not be more apt as this is exactly what someone suffering from full blown PTSD feels like. Even the strongest men and women fall prey to PTSD it is a psysical and psycho-social reaction to life and death situations.

I truly hope more education and most of all treatment for sufferers results from these sensitively produced pieces.

As most know, James Gandolfini died from a heart attack this past June at the age of 51. He will be greatly missed as not merely an actor but a man who went out of his way to reach out to soldiers ravaged by War- and to open the eyes of a country to the lasting effects of  the very real and very debilitating syndrome of Post Traumatic Stress.

Thank you and Rest in Peace James, You were taken from us far too soon.