Feb 6, 2014

Sioux Mother Rescues Abused Children, Faces Arrest For Keeping Abused Child From Divorced Father

Sioux Mother Rescues Abused Children, Faces Arrest - ICTMN.com

These " black eyes" aka raccoon eyes, are not what they first appear ie black eyes.

They are almost definitively the result of a head injury/ Traumatic brain injury formerly called concussion and possibly a basilar skull fracture as this type of fracture leaves ecchymosis (deep bruising) on the lids of the victims eyes. as well as possible bruising behind the ears. These fractures are one of the few that do not show well on Catscans nor MRI due to several bony prominences within the skull that obscure the necessary view of the base of the skull where the fracture occurred.

For this reason, learned Doctors will usually rely upon the patients symptomology when making the diagnosis of a basilar fracture.

In the photo above the blood has pooled around his eyes as his injured arteries swelled and slowed the passage of blood. This is almost always the result of multiple blows to a child's head.

Over the course of the next several days there will likely be swelling of the jaw area where the collected blood slowly moves down the victims face giving the appearance of a swollen jaw, this again, is completely misleading and many police officers social workers and even doctors and nurses are poorly trained to spot these subtleties.

This makes the act of evidence photo taking extremely important and officers again need to be trained that the bruising will get worse as the days pass, so getting a second or third set of digital photos of essential for medical evaluation when the case goes to court.

This story gets worse when we discover that this child is relegated to a wheelchair suffering from muscular dystrophy and severe autism.

The hospital ER doctors that attended to this battered  child were inept and grossly irresponsible in there simple ability and or willingness to diagnose obvious symptoms of what was clearly a severe assault upon a child's head/brain.

An assault that could have killed him.

There was no MRI or Cat scan performed which is standard fare for anyone who has symptoms like these, as well the hospital staff did not report the injuries which they claimed were impossible to discern the cause of because this pubescent victim was a special needs child --his language skills were impaired and he required a wheelchair for many years at that point.

When I read this story that I immediately wanted the responsibility and shame to fall on not only the actual perpetrators of this assault and others like it with the same child-- but moreover upon the multiple authorities and agencies who ultimately aided and abetted the man and woman who obviously abused a child that was unable to fight back, in even the most basic ways ie fending off blows,

The social services dept had been called into this divorced parent custody/ suspected abuse case multiple times and yet both children despite the mothers pleas and overt recorded physical evidence of abuse, allowed or in fact insisted, that the kids split custody with their father a man with a violent criminal record as well as his string of girlfriends, the latest appearing to be mutually culpable in two episodes of assaulting this child and their mother who never once was accused of harming either child and was incessant in her attempts to procure full custody in order to protect her child fro further harm or possibly death.

A quote by Voltaire comes to mind here as it does in so any cases where otherwise " good people turn their heads and take the easy route of inaction.

"'Evil exists when good men do nothing"

Ask ourselves: where are the law men and or women, the doctors and the child protective services who need to be held accountable for their inaction irresponsibility and apathy in this case --- and so many others like it?