Jul 12, 2013

Remains of missing Boy found: Half brother arrested as suspect

Missing autistic boy: Terry Dewayne Smith Jr., 11
This is extremely sad news. After days and days of extensive searching Terry Dwayne Smith's remains have been found on his own property in a shallow grave.

When I first read about the circumstances surrounding this little boys disappearance I immediately feared and suspected foul play by a family member.

When I viewed a clip of the boys mother blithely saying to television cameras that he was" probably wandering around somewhere" in the area right at that moment, this within the first days following his initial disappearance, my inner antenna flew right up.

My suspicions were already alighted by the simple fact that the elder half brother claimed the boy had watched video games and then went to sleep, only to "disappear" sometime thereafter.

After hearing and watching the mother of this beautiful boy who at best scenario could be dead from heat exposure and dehydration, her reaction was not proportionate to the circumstances and indeed I seriously considered her as a suspect due to that media snap.

While her elder son has been arrested for  murder caused by blunt force trauma to the head, I have a gut feeling that perhaps the boys mother suspected that this 16 year old half brother, the last person to see the boy alive, might have hurt the boy and perhaps killed him.

Now we are being told from the boys father that he was not Autistic, this begs a few new questions such as did mom claim the autism to lend credence to the notion that her missing son was more likely to have wandered off than a child who did not have a brain disorder.  O the other hand the natural father could be like many fathers - and less often mothers= in denial that there was something " wrong" with his son.

 I have personally borne witness to this sad type of denial  by parents over the years, even with children who have something as simple as epilepsy, whereupon the( often male) parent refuses to accept their childs condition, sometimes refusing to speak the condition aloud even becoming angry at other family members who have accepted that either a newborn or an older child has what they deem an abnormality.

This is not exclusive to uneducated or working class parents either, I have seen fathers from middle class to highly educated upper middle class backgrounds react in this denial -based angry fashion regarding what they perceive as either a possible  "weakness" in their genes which is ridiculous and/ or anything "different" or "wrong" with their child.

As of this moment al of this is speculative, I would like to think that police did not merely accept the mothers word that this then missing child was autistic and would have confirmed this somehow by speaking to his mental health professionals and teachers etc., but at this point we don't have that information.

The father's claim that sometimes the boy could push your buttons" after he left here - but he was just being a kid" leads me to wonder if the child might have suffered from attention deficit  or any number of other conditions that are much more commonplace than most people are aware of. In addition the " after he left here" also leads me to wonder if the half brother was abusing him and this child began acting out as a direct result of that.

The father who had past involvement with the teenage suspect his ex step son, had lived with terry alone for a tine after the parents separated.

The statement regarding pushing buttons was a loaded one in more than one way, as it lends a possible motive/scenario regarding the half brother - not to lend any excuse to the 16 year old suspect, especially when considering the boy was found buried in a shallow grave on the property ie, meaning that if a simple accidental manslaughter one doesn't see a normal sixteen year old then have the wherewithal to dispose of his half brothers body and lie to police and perhaps, perhaps his mother.

  I have a suspicion that that this mother knew and might have been involved somehow in a cover up, albeit it simply a guess not to be mistaken for fact.  Either way a young boy was murdered by his brother stuck in a hole and covered with dirt. The authorities were lied to convincingly enough to iniate a huge search for this murdered child. This indicates a great deal of successful lying under what should have been extremely emotionally daunting circumstances.

It can be safely assumed that this 16 year old brother whose name is protected due to his underage status,  has a burgeoning personality disorder; At age 16 he is technically not allowed to be deemed a sociopath by simple fact that he isn't old enough by DSM dictates.... but as stated, his cover up behavior says it all; a normal teen/ would be horrified if they accidentally killed their brother or in a fit of rage hit him in the head and he died as a result.

They would tell a parent or call police if the parent wasn't home which purportedly she was not - but again we don't know yet if this boy did tell mom and/or mom questioned him and then proceeded to cover up for her surviving son.  Even in the best scenario I fee strongly that this mother had at the very least a base awareness of her elder sons guilt and she covered up perhaps misleading police about an likely alternate scenario of Terry wandering off"

This makes her a criminal as well.

Either way there is personality disorder galore in this tragedy built of violence deception and manipulation, qualities that are all hallmarks of Anti- social Personality disorder, Oppositional defiant disorder (the teenage version of the former) Narcissistic PD and Borderline PD.

These disorders have red flags and I have said it thousands of times our society our schools our family's all need to be taught in depth about the signs and symptoms of such persons thereby preventing many of these crimes before they happen.

Lets honor this endless succession of victims by becoming proactive about instilling awareness in every single child of a proper age teenagers and adults regarding the mental illnesses and character disorders that often are tied to chaos crime and violence.