Jun 16, 2013

Dad Inadvertantly Beats His Daughters Rapist to Death.

This Article about child rapist has been given a straw poll and everyone thus far feels that the father should receive no charges as he was simply defending his 7 year old daughter in the middle of a child rapists attack.

Nancy Grace did her usual indignant, overly emphatic disgusted spiel with the message being loud and clear; finally some justice in the world"  This I was treated to via a video clip of her new HLN/ Crime and Trial Network/Program which she shares with "Dr. Drew"( former addiction specialist to the rich and or once famous, As he weighs on on these very traumatic and terror filled crimes which have victims at their very embodiment, behaves as if he is speaking as a pundit on a gossip TVshow, his entire carriage utterly inappropriate for the subjects at hand!

That said, I have to admit that  I felt a surge of thank god, a despicable child rapist got his, when watching the video and attached post.

However there is still a damaged little girl out these who was  abducted and sexually assaulted in the middle of what traditionally was considered a safe a neighborhood barbeque!

I keep getting flashbacks to the book/movie 'Bastard out of Carolina"  which had a scene whereupon the family of the little girl being beaten and unbeknownst to them at that point raped by her sadistic stepfather,  beat the living daylights out of the stepfather at a family barbeque when an aunt inadvertently saw signs of severe beatings on  her nieces thighs back etc.

As satisfying as that familial group beating of the child abuser was, he actually pressed on to yet again beat and rape that same little girl for getting him " in trouble" and tossed from the wife/child's

That movie haunts to this day as it never had a resolution and being simple river people the advice given to the little girl who was understandably angry at the world in the months following was quasi chastised by one of her favorite aunts for " holding on to anger"

While it was supposed to be an accurate depiction of that part of the country ie  The River People in Backwoods Carolina, and their mores values and atypical temporal reaction to such things as child abuse ...this particular scene stood out among many disturbing scenes such as a hospital visit whereupon the ER doctor tells the mother of this abused little girl your daughters ass is broken lady!!! Now who did it ?"

 They'd given the Dr. the usual she fell out of a tree story.

And after taking the girl aside and questioning her softly as to who was hurting her she looks at her mother who is giving her a please keep quiet honey look' the girl deflated whispers I just want to leave"